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My First-Ever Conversation With My 21 Month-Old Son

Friday, September 7th, 2012

21 months.

It seems like only yesterday, but actually, it was just a few hours ago.

As I was strapping Jack in his car seat, I very casually made what I thought was a one-sided conversation:

“Jack, did you do anything cool today at school?

“I played,” he (actually!) responded back.

“You did?!” I asked, just to make sure I really heard what I thought I did.

“Yeah,” he replied.

He was indeed sure that the cool thing he did at school was to play. He could have said “nap time” instead. But my son likes playing at day care!

Who knew? Go figure.

That’s it. That was the end of our first-ever conversation.

The moment was magical, like having a puppy suddenly talk to you in a classic Disney movie or something; where the human character says to the enchanted animal: “You can talk?”

Sure, it wasn’t the longest conversation, but it was the first-ever banter I’ve carried on with my son, in which I didn’t just simply ask a yes or no question.

So now I’m thinking about how from here on out, I need to be aware he may be understanding what I’m saying whenever I’m talking. After all, he could jump in and comment at any moment.

I guess I need to start asking him more open-ended questions, too:

“Jack, why do you think Here Comes Honey Boo Boo got more viewers than the Republican National Convention?”

I imagine his response:

“Well, if that’s even true, which I doubt it is, then I would say it’s similar to the reasons people go to see movies. Some go for entertainment or enlightenment, while others go to escape. Evidently, that night, more people were wanting to escape.”

What a clever and informed son I have. I wish he would have spoken up sooner.

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