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Prunes Are Now A “Regular” Part of My Son’s Diet

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

13 months.

It turns out, there is a downside to having a toddler who only wants to eat Cheerios, bananas, and wheat bread: a lack of digestive movement, which causes for one uncomfortable and cranky little boy while a swollen stomach.

The solution was simple: feed him prunes. But seriously, what toddler would  willingly eat prunes? I don’t even know that I’ve ever had a prune. My expectations were low; exactly where they should have been.

Simply because it was a new food, my son Jack swiped at the incoming spoon of pureed prunes. So I held down his arms as my wife delivered the stuff straight into his mouth- which was conveniently open because he was crying.

We looked for his reaction and were actually surprised. He didn’t not like it. Though there would be several days to follow of Jack pretending to fight prunes, now that he’s a week into it, he hardly ever refues the purple stuff.

Not that he really understands most of what I’m saying anyway, but instead of calling prunes by their actual name, I say, “Jack, it’s time for two bites of chocolate pudding.”

And that doesn’t even make much sense, because he’s never eaten chocolate pudding before. But either way, my kid willingly and joyfully eats pureed prunes. More importantly, “the train is now moving.”

So why resort to prunes only when he needs them? You know what they say:

A prune a day keeps the constipation away.



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