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It’s Okay To Mix The Play-Doh Colors Together

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

2 years, 11 months.

Dear Jack,

When I was a kid, I refused to mix the Play-Doh colors together or destroy any of my creations. I liked to create, and then eternally save, the same-colored animals and random creatures that I made.

I think I evidently believed that by destroying any of them, I was killing them. Apparently, I believed they had souls, too.

(This is starting to remind me of the plot line of the Disney movie, Spooky Buddies, that we just watched yesterday on Netflix.)

However, as for you, you’re totally cool with completely annihilating any “living” thing you make.

And honestly, I think that’s a good thing.

Because it also indirectly leads you to be able to mix the different colors of Play-Doh together and not feel guilty about that either.

You don’t respect the colors or creations of the Play-Doh… after all, it’s just a toy. It’s all just part of the same wad, as far as you’re concerned.

This morning as we were about to get ready for church, you made me some Play-Doh coffee.

I was quite impressed, actually.

Now that your newest Play-Doh set has been homogonizing for a few weeks now, it’s morphing into this reddish brown, greenish black color, with hints of caramel showing through.

You served it up real nice for me.

Then, after Mommy got you dressed for church, you and I went on our 1st ever father and son fishing trip; from a vegetarian’s perspective, at least…

You discovered that your Halloween glow stick stopped glowing, so no problem- it became your fishing pole.

And yes, the bait, as well as the fish you would catch, were both made out of that same reddish brown, greenish black Play-Doh, with hints of caramel showing through.

It’s funny how most of the time, in order to play with you, all I have to do is just sit there and look at you.

From there, you always figure out what to pretend to do. You simply entertain yourself, especially if you have some decent props.

Then, as I serve as the sole member in your audience, I also become the mandatory volunteer to help you act out your show.

I’ve got a front row seat!

Who cares that our family hasn’t eaten meat in 23 months? We went fishing anyway.

And we didn’t even have to miss church for it.






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Paying The “Good Little Boy In T.J. Maxx” Tax

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

2 years, 9 months.

Dear Jack,

I suppose there’s a good chance that this weekend will be remembered in American pop culture history as when people debated online about how perfect or horrible Ben Affleck will be as the new Batman.

As for us, I will remember it as the weekend I felt so proud to buy you a $4 police and ambulance set from T.J. Maxx.

It was the “good little boy in T.J. Maxx” tax that earned you this gift.

Mommy and I needed to buy some appropriate running clothes for our half marathon coming up in April.

Honestly, you behaved very well. I was quite impressed. It was a non-event.

I didn’t have to do any of my recently acquired deep-breathing ad-lib yoga exercises. I didn’t have to find my place of serenity.

You let Mommy and I shop for over an hour, as we spent hardly anything on the few items we needed, in peace.

And just look at your face in the picture as you were getting ready for the car ride home.

I’ve been noticing on the car rides to and from school every day, that it seems you’ve developed a new fascination with ambulances and police cars.

“They’re going to help that crash!” you exclaim every time you hear an emergency vehicle pass nearby.

“Nee-nooh! Nee-nooh!”

I’m actually pretty impressed by your anglicized pronunciation of the sirens.

Once we got home, you forgot all about wanting to watch Mater’s Tall Tales on Netflix, instead choosing to go upstairs with me and try out your new ambulance and police car, with their corresponding action figures.

Though I did go through the trouble to shoot a quick video, what really cracked me up was seeing how you cared for the crash victims, which were in a pink Micro Machine race car from when I was a kid:

Instead of pretending to put the invisible passengers into the back of the ambulance, you decided just to try to put the whole car in.

It didn’t quite fit, but I do appreciate your concept of helping the entire car and all its passengers inside the ambulance.

After all, why not just fix the car at the same hospital that the crash victims are being treated?

And it’s those kinds of memories that make paying the ”good little boy in T.J. Maxx” tax totally worth it.





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Parallel Play: Like An “It’s Complicated” Facebook Status

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

23 months.

Several times now, Jack has played with his new friend, Jake. Each time in the days that follow, Jack will randomly whine, “I want Jake…”.

I always instantly respond: “Really?!”

And when I say “Really?!” it has the tone of someone who is surprised in a peculiar way.

Jack’s friend Jake is a very kind, intelligent, and wonderful boy. It’s not that Jake isn’t cool, because he totally is.

The thing that’s weird about this is that when Jack and Jake play together, they don’t really play with each other.

Instead, they play somewhat away from each other, despite each other and around each other.

So really, it’s nearly a stretch to even say they actually play together.

After bringing this up to Jake’s mom today while our boys were painting pumpkins, she explained to me that this behavioral phase is called “Parallel Play.”

Cool, so it’s normal after all.

It’s just that with every other friend Jack plays with, it’s more of a thing where they spend half their time basically fighting over a toy and the other half laughing while chasing each other around.

With Jack and Jake, it’s like they have this mutual agreement:

“So listen, just let me attempt to have some ‘me time’ today even though you’re like 4 feet away from me. I’d really appreciate it. Nothing personal.

I’ll do my thing. You’ll do yours. Everybody’s happy. Thanks, man.”

After 3 play dates now, these two bosom buddies/perfect strangers have yet to look at each other in the eyes or communicate with each other in any way.

But that’s what Jack likes so much about Jake:

Jake gives Jack the piece of mind that he won’t be messed with. It’s mutual chill time for the two toddler dudes.

Needless to say, to the outsider, their friendship status is “It’s complicated.”


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