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Lightning McQueen, Donatello, Batman, Play-Doh… Nuff Said!

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

3 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

Today I write this time capsule for you to preserve the kind of stuff you’re into at this stage in your life.

As I mentioned in my last letter to you, Donatello the Ninja Turtle is pretty epic for you right now.

He goes everywhere with you!

And he’s always so happy to be there; often just slouching in his seat with a big cartoon grin on his face.

Recently he watched you cram Play-Doh into the medicine dispencer while you were dressed in your Batman pajamas.

Then, a few days later, while wearing your Lightning McQueen shirt, you asked me to make you a Play-Doh anteater, only to have you “chomp it” with some tongs, running a circle around me.

These are the kinds of things you love to do these days.

So, as you know, we drive a new Toyota (or Lexus or Scion) vehicle each week, as I have unexpectedly (!) become a car reviewer on the side; as a result of writing these letters to you.

This week we’ve had a lot of fun in our real-life Lightning McQueen:

A 2014 Scion tC!

This marks the first time we’ve driven a 2 door car with you. Though actually, it’s considered a “3 door liftback,” which you’ve had a lot of fun with.

Oh, that reminds me, you bought a $5 purple elephant from Kohl’s who you named Ellie. She’s been following you around everywhere that Donatello doesn’t go.

To my surprise, only having two doors (or three) hasn’t been a problem in this car.

Something you like about the Scion tC, or “Lightning McQueen car,” as we call it, is that it actually has two moonroofs- one over me and then a smaller one over you.

Needless to say, I felt pretty special this week chauffering you around in such a cool looking car.

This is your random life and mine.

Just as I wonder which new car I’ll be driving next week, I also wonder what new weird toy you’ll be obsessed with for that week as well.

I have to admit, I am pretty impressed by your creativity, shown through your new play idea of meticulously stuffing a medicine dropper with Play-Doh. You never smiled once while doing it. That’s how serious you took the event.





Disclaimer: The vehicle mentioned in this story was provided at the expense of Scion, for the purpose of reviewing.

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