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#whateverworks: A Common Catchphrase In Parenting

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

2 years, 3 months.

Dear Jack,

I recently explained to you how I now have to let Mommy drive while I sit in the backseat with you, to keep you from being anxious and needy, since Mommy is the nurturer and I’m the entertainer.

That’s one of those things I have to file in the “whatever works” category.

Or, to translate that into the language of Twitter:


It goes without saying that as a parent, “whatever works” is a catchphrase that I seem to mumble on a daily basis.

In addition to having to change the seating arrangements for our family car rides, we have also had to change our morning routine.

Mommy arranged it with her boss to show up 15 minutes early for work and leave 15 minutes early, too.

This way, Mommy leaves the house 15 minutes before we do, because here recently you put up less of a fight if I’m the one who gets you ready.

It may have something to do with what I just mentioned a minute ago; that I am not the nurturer so you have lower expectations with me. So Mommy and I use that to our advantage.

Our new morning routine also allows more quality time with you and Mommy; the two of you share breakfast together while I shower and get ready.

Since making this our new norm, we no longer leave the house stressed or in a hurry. That’s all it took; we just couldn’t all three leave at the same time.

We are so focused on finding ways to improve quality time together as a family. Sometimes, we have recognized that by assigning certain daily activities to one particular parent, it can improve quality time for two of us at a time.

It’s sort of like working the “3rd wheel” concept to our advantage. Our model is this: Two wheels in the back and one in the front.

As a family, we often have to move and work like a tricycle.

Hey, whatever works.




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