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Dadvice #5: How Is It Natural To Circumcise Your Son?

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

16 months.

Though usually this series is for readers asking my unprofessional and unlicensed opinion as a dad, today’s episode is a strange exception. I will simply be responding to a good question asked by a reader of Dadvice #4: Would You Recommend Using A Midwife? when he left this comment:

“You chose to have ‘a natural as possible delivery’ but still chose to circumcise your son? There’s NOTHING natural about a circumcision…where’s the disconnect?”

You’re right. For a guy who is so self-proclaimed “natural” when it comes to medicine and food and lifestyle in general, it appears to be a double standard that I would force circumcision upon my son who was incapable of making that decision himself.

So how is circumcision natural? It’s not.

And that’s the whole point: Circumcision is not natural.

I do believe in the hype and subscribe to the dogma that circumcision is “cleaner” and prevents urinary track infections and all that good stuff that has not necessarily been clearly proven. I’m aware of all the arguments for and against circumcision: I read them all on Wikipedia today.

But for me, my support of circumcision is a personal one: It has to do with Biblical teachings. As I’m sure you know, circumcision goes back to a covenant between God and Abraham; a commandment for the Jews. From there, it also has become popular among Muslims and Christians.

In particular though, why would a Christian Gentile such as myself observe a commandment so blatantly Jewish? Why pick and choose certain parts of the Jewish law to observe when the Apostle Paul in the New Testament made it pretty clear that Christians do not have to eat kosher food or become circumcised?

With me being Mr. Natural and all, I pay special attention to the Old Testament concerning random commandments God gave to the Jews; because sometimes though not specifically mentioned, it has something to do with health.

He instructed them not to eat pork and shellfish; which are extremely low on the food chain.

God didn’t point out the fact that that eating pork would be the leading cause of people getting intestinal parasites, but it is. Why are so many people allergic to shellfish? Because they are the bottom feeders of the ocean; they are slightly toxic.

Why did God tell His people not to eat milk products with beef? Because, as a Jewish man from Israel explained it to me one time, eating the two together in the same meal slows down digestion and promotes constipation.

So two and a half years ago, I converted to a kosher diet(That eventually led me to become a vegetarian.)

Similarly, I believe circumcision is like that. God didn’t make this commandment for His people in the name of health; but ultimately I think that has a lot to do with it.

Back to my point at the beginning, circumcision is not natural. Instead, it’s man’s recognition of God’s instruction and intervention.

And I think that concept has everything to do with faith in God: As a believer, I am constantly having to make a conscious decision to go against my own selfish desires; like choosing to love my neighbor as myself.

That is not natural.

Sure, ultimately I try to be as natural as I can. Unless I feel that there’s something health-wise I can learn by observing God’s random commandments with the Jewish people; though as a Christian, it’s not necessary I do so.

Yeah, I know: I’m kinda weird.

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8 Reasons to Raise Your Family in Nashville

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

One year.

Though I wasn’t born and raised in Nashville, my wife and I met, married, had our first child here. I am one of the biggest Nashville fans there is. I love this city! Therefore, I feel honored to share with you today why you should move your family to Nashville; that is, if you’re considering a new city to move your family.

With a population of 601, 222, Nashville is the 25th largest city in the United States; sandwiched in between Washington DC and Denver, Colorado; both of which contain a nearly identical population. Some people say that Nashville is the biggest small town you’ll ever visit. It’s a perfect mix of big city opportunities, open-mindedness, and Southern hospitality.

Here are my top 8 reasons to raise a family in Nashville, Tennessee:

1. Financial opportunities. The cost of living is decently low and the job market is pretty big. I had no problem getting a very good job straight out of college, as did my wife. Then after moving away for 8 months when our son was born, it was no problem to return back to our former employers. Granted, we have wonderful employers; but still, it’s a land of opportunity here.

2. Central location. Nashville is located in the middle of Tennessee, which is tied with Missouri for being America’s most border-friendly state; they both border 8 other states. From Nashville, you’re close enough to the rest of the South, yet still in close proximity to lower Midwestern states like Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. An eight hour drive from Nashville in any direction can get you all kinds of places.

3. Cultural diversity. I’m the kind of person who thrives by being around different people and cultures. In Nashville, I’m never too far from someone with a last name I can’t pronounce or spell. I have noticed that over all, the collective accent here is a watered-down Southern one; comparable to Louisville, KY. We have the largest US population of Kurds (around 11,000); not to mention an impressive Jewish population for a Southern city. Yet there are still no Jewish Country music stars… Unless Taylor Swift’s last name is really Stein. (It’s not; I checked.)

4. Health-consciousness. Everyday on the drive to work, I pass several runners and bicyclists, whom I assume are preparing for Nashville’s Country Music Marathon. When it comes to finding healthy food, you’re not limited to fast food joints with yellow and red signs to subconsciously try to get you to slow down and stop there. As far as grocery shopping, in addition to a large Whole Foods Market presence here, it’s pretty easy to find a Publix, where kosher-abiding, lenient vegetarians like my wife and I can easily find what we need to plan our meals.

5. Friendly people. Anytime I’ve ever heard an outsider talking about their visits to Nashville, they always comment on how friendly everyone is down here. I’m not saying you won’t get flipped off in after-work traffic if you cut someone off; it’s not a utopia. But over all, people are genuine here.

6. Social opportunities. No doubt about it, living in Nashville means you’re always on the go- because there’s a lot going on here; in a good way. In addition to the financial opportunities, there are endless social opportunities here. It’s the kind of place where if you have trouble making friends, it’s your own dang fault.

7. Moderate climate. Nashville is hot in the summer and cold in the winter; yes, it actually snows here. But it’s never too hot or too cold for too long. Not to mention, the land itself is beautiful. The downside: Nashville is not kind to allergy sufferers. If you’ve never had allergy or sinus problems before, you probably will once you get here.

8. Religious community. We are often cited as the”Buckle of the Bible Belt” as well as the “Protestant Vatican.” It’s easy to find a church as huge or as tiny as you like. Of course, the ease of finding a like-minded religious gathering isn’t limited to just Protestants. My Catholic mother-in-law had no trouble finding a Mass she enjoys when she visits here. Accordingly, if you are Mormon, Jewish, Greek Orthodox, or Muslim, you’ll also easily find a place to worship.

If you will be visiting Nashville soon, leave a comment on The Dadabase Facebook wall and I’ll be happy to help you plan your weekend according to your family’s tastes.

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