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Microwaves Are A Dangerous Science Experiment On Our Bodies

Saturday, January 5th, 2013

2 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

As you are well aware by now, you have a health-obsessed, mountain-bike-riding-during-his-lunch-break vegetarian for a dad, who is attempting to make it taboo for food and drug companies to  be shy about what they generically list as “natural” and/or “artificial” ingredients.

I’m still trying to figure out what in this world is not either natural or artificial…

Pretty sneaky, right? Well, the FDA approves this ridiculous behavior in regards to companies listing their products’ “ingredients of ingredients.”

So while I am so “one with nature” that I chose the wooded outdoors as the location for my head shot for The Dadabase, I also want our family to be aware of other subtle “health landmines” we encounter everyday without realizing it.

Today I want to focus on microwaves; as they are machines that convert even the healthiest foods into processed foods.

Neither Mommy nor I trust them. Yes, we have one at our house, but it’s something we subconsciously feel shameful about.

Fortunately, because we are so serious about avoiding processed foods, that prevents us from eating anything that would require its sole preparation in a microwave; like a frozen snack or meal, for example.

For the frozen vegetables we sometimes eat, like broccoli and okra, we heat them up in a pan on the stove, with olive oil.

As explained in this 2 minute video by Organic Liaison Health Director Deborah Klein, MS, RD, microwaving creates radiolytic compounds in food (not naturally produced in the body) that could be carcinogenic, or cancer-causing:

In other words, no matter how healthy or organic a food is before it enters a microwave, it always becomes a processed food by the time it leaves the microwave.

I wish I could say we never use microwave. It’s something to aspire towards. As for now, we only use our microwave to reheat leftovers, which unfortunately for me, is about once a daily since I eat leftovers basically everyday for lunch.

Something I do to reduce the amount of time my food goes in the microwave is I set it out on the counter for a while, so it’s not as cold.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll get so serious about this “Microwaves Are A Dangerous Science Experiment On Our Bodies” campaign that I will find a way to start using a toaster oven, despite our time-starved family schedule. Don’t put it past me.

My conscience really bothers me about our family using a microwave. It can’t be good for any of us; especially not you.





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