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3 Simple Rules For Planning A 2-Year-Old’s Birthday Party

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

2 years.

Dear Jack,

There’s a decent chance you will begin actually remembering certain events now. I say that because my own 2nd birthday party in April 1983 is the very first memory of my own life.

I remember my Italian grandfather holding me in his lap as everyone around the table sang “Happy Birthday” to me. It was somehow overwhelmingly sad, so I cried until it was time to open presents.

It is from that experience that I planned your 2nd birthday party. I wanted to make sure that you would have a fun, memorable party for you, your friends, and our family.

So I implemented 3 simple rules for planning your 2nd birthday party:

1. Find the right-sized location for the amount of people invited.

We invited about 30 people and they all showed up. (Yes, Jack, you’re that cool of a kid!)

Fortunately, our church had a mini basketball court for you and your friends to chase each other around in. My top priority was making sure you didn’t get antsy.

I also wanted to make sure you didn’t get overwhelmed by the amount of people there. With a location that open, you never felt closed in or crowded. That kept you happy.

2. Downplay the eating and singing part.

I think the real reason I got scared and starting crying at my own 2nd birthday party was because I couldn’t understand why so many people surrounded me and were singing a song I didn’t know. It freaked me out.

So as non-traditional as it was, I made sure we purposely didn’t sing “Happy Birthday” once it was cake time.

We didn’t even have you blow out candles in front of everyone. We just let you enjoy your cake while we served the guests.

Actually, you were more excited about sampling the Teddy Grahams, Animal Crackers, and Angry Birds crackers.

You were actually quite proud of them; as you see in this picture I took of you.

3. Speed up the gift-opening.

When it came time for you to open your gifts, your Mommy was equipped to jot down who gave you what. Then as I quickly read the cards to everyone, you opened your gifts.

I wanted to prevent stop-and-go action, ensuring a continuous flow instead.

That gave your guests time to see you actually react to and play with your new gifts beyond your initial reaction of opening them, because you didn’t necessarily know what everything was at first.

So that’s it. I’m not sure you actually will remember any of it, but in an attempt to help jog your memory, I conveniently saved the pictures from your 2nd birthday party for you on this link to The Dadabase Facebook page.

You didn’t cry at your 2nd birthday party like I did 29 years ago. Good job, son.








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