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The Reluctant Leader And The Science-Minded Handyman

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

3 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

There are some awesome children’s toys from the Eighties that just never really went away… fortunately.

Like Tranformers, Care Bears, and Smurfs.

But the ones that you are most excited about right now are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Nonna and Papa got you a nearly life-size Donatello for Christmas and he has become like My Buddy, an Eighties toy that didn’t survive, to you.

I haven’t asked my parents why they chose Donatello for you; after all, I was never too crazy about him when I was a boy.

Michaelango was the obnoxious one. Donatello was the forgettable one. Raphael was the emotional one. And Leonardo was the leader. That’s how I always perceived them, at least.

But when I really thought about it, Donatello is perfect for you! Because if you were a Ninja Turtle, that’s exactly who you’d be:

As the original theme song simpy explains, “Donatello does machines.”

You have the technical mind that I don’t. While I can easily take something apart, you’re going to be the kind of guy who can not only take them apart, but also put them back together.

Where as I definitely fall short in having the handy man mindset, you’ve always showed me signs of it. Plus, you are smart. As for me, I tend to just “fake it ’til I make it.” I graduated with a degree in English simply because I wasn’t good enough or focused enough on anything else.

A lot of people think I’m smart, but I’m not. I’m just clever and determined; and there’s definitely a difference!

The reason Donatello was “the forgettable one” for me while growing up was because he was the one I least related to.

My favorite Ninja Turtle was always Leonardo, the reluctant leader, like Jack Shephard on Lost.

Sure enough, I took this “Ninja Turtle Personality Quiz” on and confirmed what I already knew. I am Leonardo, the reluctant leader:

“You’re aggressive, but not in an overbearing manner. You’re known for being very organized and helpful. You’re very practical and there as a friend, while being relatively low maintenance and asking for little in return. People see you as a leader. Unfortunately, you weren’t elected to that position, and some resent you for being kind of a control freak.”

Meanwhile, here’s what the quiz said about Donatello, who I think you are:

“You’re very meticulous and scientifically minded. You excelled at academics and that’s transferred into your current career. You’re very loyal, inoffensive, and reliable. However, you can also be aloof and so wrapped up in what you’re doing that you neglect your social and familial obligations.”

Going back to my own “Leonardo personality,” earlier this week I happened to read part of a book called Eat Right 4 Your Type.

It explained that people who are have Type A blood (like me) actually make for the best vegans (interesting!) and it also said Type A blooded people also tend to have the “Reluctant Leader” complex; naming former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon as examples.

(I’m guessing this applies to several classic Bible heroes, too; like Noah, Moses, and David.)

The findings of both the Ninja Turtle quiz and the Blood Type quiz simply confirm what every other personality quiz I’ve taken has always said: I am your reluctant leader.

My whole life, I have had to be a leader in some compacity. I always find myself becoming the leader of the group, by default, never by choice. It happened every single time in school where I was part of a group project, in every place I’ve ever worked at, and with family dynamics, as well.

Even now, I never intended to make this such a teachable moment. I meant to just write about your new favorite Ninja Turtle doll.

Get used to it, I guess. After all, I am Leonardo and you are Donatello.





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