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Flying from Nashville to Sacramento with a Baby

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Eight months.

Here’s to the land of In-N-Out Burger and Jamba Juice!

This evening, the three of us will be boarding a plane to Sacramento, California. My wife, who is from there and is one of ten kids, obviously has a lot of family out there and this will be the first time that they will be meeting Jack.  When it comes to this trip, I have preconceived ideas about what will happen.

On my list of pro’s, there’s the fact that once we get there, we will be having a very relaxing, enjoyable time hanging out with the family.  In addition to seeing everyone, I look forward to running each day amidst the palm trees during the perfectly cool, Sacramento mornings.

I will not be bringing my laptop, therefore I am taking a break from The Dadabase for a few days. Basically, I am unplugging from the real world. Granted, I’ll be taking my camera, along with a notebook, to bookmark the stories involving Jack that will ultimately become Dadabase posts.

The downside to all this is that we have to get there and come back, on a plane, with an eight month old little boy.  I just can’t convince myself that I will find that process to be less than slightly unnerving.

I am remembering myself from ten years ago as a 20 year old guy who got so annoyed by having to sit near a crying baby on a plane.  Now, I will be the parent of that baby; for six hours there and six hours back.

One good thing about the flights is Jack has entered his phase of being obsessed with his mommy.  If she’s in the room and not holding him, he’s upset, for the most part.  At least he will get plenty of “mommy minutes.”

It’s stressful to think that after spending so much effort to get him on a mostly predictable sleeping schedule, that he will be spending nearly a week in a time zone that is two hours behind what he is used to.  Will that mean he’s ready for sleep an hour before dinner and that he will wake up full of energy at 4 AM?  I already know the answer.

You take the good with the bad and call it life:  Sacramento will be splendid as it always is, but flying to the other coast with an infant will be rough.  It’s the sweet and the sour; I accept it as my reality.

It will most likely be nearly a week before I publish a new post. Please don’t think that I have abandoned this blog.  Instead, I cordially invite you to catch up on my 130+ other posts here in the meantime; as well as’s other bloggers.

To find my older stuff you may have missed, just look to the right of the screen where it says “archives.”  They go all the way back to April 2010 when I began daddy blogging; my wife was just a couple of months pregnant back then.

Wish me luck and sanity for the flight.  I will surely need it.  Seriously, I am so craving an In-N-Out burger all of the sudden.

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