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I Can’t Resist Hearing My Kid Say “I Love You”

Monday, June 24th, 2013

2 years, 7 months.

Dear Jack,

You have discovered the magic words:

“I love you.”

That even includes the times you say it when you’re simply trying to use it to your advantage.

Every night as I’m downstairs doing the dishes, Mommy will let you prop yourself up on the balcony of the staircase and yell to me, “Hey Daddy, I potty! I get an M&M!”

For some reason when you get tired and giddy at the same time, you gain this Austrian accent.

So it’s more like, “Hey Dah-dee, I pah-dee…”

A little bit later, after I’ve sang you three random songs, one of which is usually the theme song to The Lorax movie, I say goodnight and leave the room.

You wait until about 10 seconds after I’ve shut the door.

“Hey Dah-dee, I laaaahv yew!”

Even though it’s spoken in your unnecessary and cartoonish Arnold Schwarzenegger accent, I can’t resist.

I immediately open the door, kiss you, and tell you I love you too.

Knowing your plan to delay bedtime actually worked, you tell me even louder that you love me, even though you’re laughing and just trying to be funny at that point.

It’s funny how even though I clearly know it’s a ploy, I go along with it anyway.

Are you beginning to understand what the word “love” really means? It’s not something I can simply describe to a 2 and a half year-old in words.

Mommy and I can show you everyday, knowing that eventually you’ll connect the word to the action. But as far as the word really making sense to you 100%, I don’t think you’re there yet.

That doesn’t matter to me. Even if you’re simply processing what it means to love me, and what it means that I love you…

Well, that’s close enough for me. I’ll take it.





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