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Lance The Magical Wonder Horse And Jack The Jockey

Monday, May 12th, 2014

3 years, 5 months.

Dear Jack,

I feel like so many of these letters begin with me telling you about an online special that Mommy found, which introduced our family to a new experience.

This letter is one of those.

On Saturday, we drove about 45 minutes from Nashville to Mt. Juliet to take you to a 30 minute horse riding lesson.

I figured that, worst case scenario, you would be freaked out by the horse and I would spend most of the lesson trying to convince you to stay on the horse.

As a parent, I have learned the importance of lowering my own expectations, as necessary…

With that being said, I didn’t have to apply that skill this time.

In fact, I was amazed at how eager you were to ride your horse; his name was Lance, by the way.

You really liked Lance the Magical Wonder Horse!

The instructor even had you waving at Mommy and me, and riding backwards, by the time it was over.

I watched how, at the end, you had such pride in putting away the equipment and feeding Lance some carrots as a treat.

You were just such a natural. I would have been terrified to have ridden a horse at your age.

Having you for a son is teaching me how timid I really was as a boy. I feel like I didn’t really grow out of it until about 7th grade.

As for you, you’re an adventurer.

Something that really stood out at me about this place, was the fact that many of their horses are rescues. I learned that many work horses end up in what’s called “the kill bin” after their better years are over.

It’s cool that the horses are being given a respectful retirement- by brightening children’s days, as Lance did for you.

After your lesson was finished and Mommy was talking to the owner about the possibility of having your 4th birthday party there in November, you asked me to take you to the pile of gravels behind the barn.

Playing in gravels- that’s such a “3 year-old boy kind of way” to finish off a horse riding lesson.

Seeing you meet Lance was like watching you meet a real-life version of one of your stuffed animals.

It was like you two already knew each other- like Lance was used to sleeping in your bed and riding with you to school each morning.

Maybe we’ll see Lance again…




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My Toddler Son, The Pony Whisperer/Natural Laxative

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

22 months.

Jack loves animals, especially horses; so when he saw the chance to ride a pony for 5 bucks while at Lucky Ladd Farms this past weekend, he had me pony up the cash.

His gal pal Sophie Culpepper eagerly decided to join him too.

Fortunately, it actually went well!

Jack didn’t even try to get off his pony until it was the end of the ride anyway.

However, my son evidently does have the ability to speak to horses; in particular, he was able to put his pony at such ease that it relieved itself right there in the middle of the ride.

Jack’s horse created a half time show, in other words.

I love how the next day in the car ride back from his day care, Jack randomly started saying, with a dead pan delivery:

“Horse poop. Horse poop.”

An observer in this case might think my son suffers from Coprolalia, an occasional trait of Tourette syndrome, where a person swears involuntarily.

But no, that’s just Jack having flashbacks of good memories of the weekend.

Apparently, the first thing that came to mind was when the ride had to come to a quick intermission, thanks to Jack’s natural effect on the pony.

So yes, I’m happy my son had the opportunity to ride his first pony, but I  think it’s safe to say that all he and I will really remember about it was the horse taking a… load off.


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