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Jackzilla, King of the Living Room Floor

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Seven months.

He pulls himself up to a standing position by grabbing onto the coffee table and lets out a big “Rrrrhhaarrrggghhrrr!”  Who or what will be his next victim?

Maybe an empty, plastic two liter bottle serving as a skyscraper? Or perhaps his mother and I, who are both lying down on the carpet: He has proven his enjoyment in plowing over our legs (and sometimes our faces) as he makes it his goal that nothing shall stop him in his unforgiving tracks.

At this stage of fatherhood, I view my son as Jackzilla.  And with very good reason:

He’s noticeably large-framed for his age.  He prefers exploring the floors of every room, hoping to find something he can pull apart, knock down, or crawl over.  And the sounds he makes when goes on his adventurous rampages… well, Jack just really does sound like a baby monster.

There are times when comparing him to Frankenstein’s monster would be appropriate.  But because I truly believe Jack enjoys pretending to be his own wrecking crew to his toys and other household items, it’s easier to imagine him as an out of control, giant lizard.

Yet still, there is a way to tame the Baby Beast.

All it takes is his cousin’s pink Porsche.  Jack transforms into a lady’s man, resting one arm up on the back of the seat as he backs the car up to pick up his imaginary date, then drives her downtown for a romantic date at a classy restaurant.

Sure, he has to drive it “Fred Flintstone style,” but he sure knows how to maneuver his sports car.  He can even move sideways without ever turn the steering wheel.

Gone are the seemingly “forever ago” days when Jack struggled to turn over on his belly or attempt to crawl.

Jack is definitely a little man on the go with a big imagination. Or perhaps it is I who has the larger than life imagination, painting these stories with details making him out to be a giant lizard monster who can instantly transform into a suave James Bond baby.

But if Jack could comprehend those references, I’m sure he would enjoy his playtime almost as much as I enjoy watching it, as well as, getting plowed over by him in the process.

What would really be cool if he got to share his playtime with another little boy as adventurous as he is.  Then I could have a front row seat for  ”Jackzilla vs. Baby Kong!”

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