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The Garbage Man And The Wolfman’s Brother

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

3 years.

Dear Jack,

I remained clean-shaven for the entire month of “Movember” last month, though quite the opposite is true for December.

It’s just too cold. I’ll get over it soon, but a few days ago as I was getting ready to take you to school, without realizing it, I was singing the mysterious song, “The Wolfman’s Brother,” by the band Phish.

(Please note that I never have been and never will be cool enough to be a “phan” or part of the “phellowship,” which means that I’m not a huge fan of Phish. I’m more of a Guster kind of guy, myself.)

I only know that one Phish song and it was in my head after I looked in the mirror that morning; I guess I simply reminded myself of a werewolf.

As I buckled you into the car seat, you smiled while looking straight ahead, then began singing, “It’s the Wolfman’s brother, the Wolfman’s brother…”.

You surprised me.

“Oh, you were listening to me sing that? You actually got the words and the tune right!” I replied.

Granted, it’s mostly the same 3 or 4 words repeated over and over for the chorus, but that served as a reminder to me:

You’re pretty much always paying attention, especially when I assume you’re not.

And that would explain why you’re slightly obsessed with A) being a garbageman (I mean, “waste collector”) and B) getting a toy garbage truck.

On the Saturday following Thanksgiving, you saw for the first time, the garbage truck stop by our house.

It usually stops by on Thursdays, but Thanksgiving was on that day, so we happened to be here the day it came instead to make up for the holiday.

Every day since then, you have built a “garbage truck” out of storage baskets, couch pillows, and the Wii steering wheel, placing your Hot Wheels and trains in the back.

“That’s my garbage back there,” you always clarify to Mommy and me, referring to your toys.

You even made it clear to us in your most recent Christmas gift request:

“I want a plane, a Ruldolph reindeer, and a garbage truck- a big one, that I can put my cars and trains in for the garbage.”

That’s who you and I are, at least for this month:

The Garbageman and the Wolfman’s Brother.

We could probably be Batman’s villians, with nicknames like those.





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