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Celebrating “Photo Op Fails” With My Kid

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

2 years, 8 months.

Dear Jack,

By no means am I a professional photographer. In fact, my style of taking pictures could pretty much be summed up as “take a dozen shots, then hope up one or two turns out okay.”

For every savory and polished picture I post with these letters I write to you, there is at least eleven that don’t deserve a second look. I always present the best of the pictures I take of you.

But not today.

Today, I want to show you a glimpse of the kind of photos that don’t make the cut- because the only way I would use these in a story… is to write a story about pictures that don’t make the cut.

In particular, these are what I call “photo op fails.” They are failed photograph opportunities.

Clearly, in both of these shots that Mommy took for us at the Williamson County Fair today, you were not so eager to have your picture taken, whereas I was.

Granted, you had just woken up from a nap, then you were all of the sudden surrounded by half the surrounding area of Nashville as we checked out the local farm animals on display.

I love how in the top picture, you are reaching for Mommy; though looking in a different direction at a bull that you are probably a little bit freaked out by.

Then in the next shot… it’s just simply an awkward (!) photo.

In one arm I’m holding a fishing pole connected to a magnetic fish I just “caught” in the pool, while holding you with the other. It looks unnatural because I couldn’t turn around to face Mommy, since I was holding the fishing pole; though you weren’t facing Mommy anyway.

To be fair, though, I shouldn’t finish this letter to you today without showing a “photo op fail” with you and Mommy.

Yesterday, we met your best friend Sophie and her parents at the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway to watch the races.

I wanted to catch a good shot of you and Mommy. Here’s what I got instead…

You had a toy Volkswagen beetle you clenched onto for the entire race. I happened to accidentally catch the moment when the bumper of that toy car got stuck in Mommy’s hair.

I immediately had to untangle it for her!

Maybe one day I’ll become a professional photographer. Actually, I’d even settle for the title of “amateur.”

Until then, there are sure to be plenty more photo op fails!





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