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Matching Father And Son Mohawks: Uber Stylish This Fall Season!

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

21 months. 

Yes, my wife approved.

I’m not exactly sure why she did, especially without any hesitation, but needless to say, she now has a mohawked husband and toddler son; for no good reason.

Our ‘hawks go all the way down in the back, to a point. No sissy “faux hawk” stuff here for this father and son duo.

We mean serious business these days.

Jack and I are surely only the first of many to support the matching “soccer mohawk” this fall season:

A 3 guard on the sides blended into about an inch and a half on top.

It’s subtle enough for people at work (yes, I work a “real job” in an office besides writing The Dadabase) to ask: “Wait, do you have a mohawk?

This is usually followed by a 4 second delay, and then:


If that question has a valid answer, it would be that I wanted to have the same kick-awesome haircut as my son.

He and I never keep the same hairstyle as the haircut before, yet we always seem to have the same hairstyle as each other.

A mohawk should be no exception.

Plus, I wanted to spread “Matching Father And Son Mohawk Awareness.”

But instead of making a special ribbon magnet for the car, fathers and sons just have get matching mohawks to prove they mean it in their hearts.

It’s a movement I can get behind.

So much for my son not looking like me. We are now like Spike and Tyke, the father and son bulldog duo from Tom and Jerry.

Okay, fellow dads with a son: Now is your chance to finally have that mohawk you always wanted.

Just send your wife a link to this blog and show her the proof of what is normal and acceptable in the culture of modern American fatherhood.

My wife let Great Clips do this to her husband and son. There is hope for you, my fellow dads.

Fist bump out.


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