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Only From A Dream Can You Wake To Light

Friday, April 12th, 2013

2 years, 4 months.

Dear Jack,

Yesterday morning as Mommy came to your bed to wake you up, you made a special request:

“Mater Juice! I want my Mater Juice! Where’s my Mater Juice?”

It would take the rest of the morning before you yourself began to possibly consider that whatever exactly “Mater Juice” was, it was something you had dreamed about.

I assume it’s the kind of juice that Mater from Cars drinks; which I would assume is motor oil. I’m confident you’re not referring to tomato juice.

The last time I considered that you have dreams was back when you were just a newborn and I wrote a post called Funny Faces and Baby Dreams:

“He often slips in and out of sleep when I stare at him.  I try to imagine what he is dreaming about, as his face tells the seemingly same story every time.  The dream starts out with Baby Jack petting a friendly puppy (Jack always starts his dreams smiling).  Then a mean dog comes along and scares Jack and the friendly puppy (that’s when Jack has a worried look on his face).  Lastly, the dream ends with him drinking milk or pooping (as he either starts ‘rooting’ or grunting, accordingly).  What else would a baby dream about anyway?”

My understanding is that a dream is the unfinished processing of what the mind is preoccupied with. Therefore, your “Mater Juice” dream might simply be showing that in your recent obsession of monster trucks, you are now realizing you neglected Mater’s Tall Tales on our Netflix streaming cue. Also, with all the aftermath of your remaining Easter candy, Mommy and I haven’t let you drink any watered-down juice here lately.

In addition to Mommy and I learning about your dreams, we are also exposed to your playful imagination. Tonight as Mommy put you to bed, you proclaimed:

“I see a mouse. He’s dancing on the ceiling. And a man- he’s walking a bear.”

Or maybe that was simply you fading into a dream state while still awake.

Coincidentally in the midst of your leftover dreams and “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” sorts of visions, I just watched a very captivating episode of Mad Men (Season 5) called “Far Away Places” and I’m trying to process this quote from it:

“Only awareness can make your reality and only what’s real can become a dream and only from a dream can you wake to the light.”

In other words… the more you learn, the more you have to dream about, and the more your dreams reveal what unfinished business you have about what you have learned.

Tomorrow morning we should watch Mater’s Tall Tales while drinking watered-down juice.

You’re lucky to have me as your dream interpreter. Just imagine, “Mater Juice” could have just been written off as some random dream…





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