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My Son Likes To Chill Out In The Fridge

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

16 months.

I’m not endorsing letting toddlers play inside refrigerators, but I am admitting that my son likes to chill… by sitting on the inside ledge of the refrigerator.

After I bring him home from daycare and he eats his dinner, Jack has a routine of playing with each of his toys from the living room.

One of his newest favorites is his Fisher-Price lawnmower. He likes to mow the kitchen floor as my wife prepares our dinner.

Of course, like most hardworking toddlers, he treats himself to a much needing break.

As soon as my wife opens up the fridge for some ingredients, Jack seizes the opportunity and plops himself down; always mesmerized by whatever products happen to be sitting there on the bottom ledge of the door.

He makes me think of an old man wearing overalls who walks into a general store as if to say to himself, “Ah, think I’ll just rest here a minute and take a load off.”

By this time of day Jack is just wearing a diaper and a t-shirt and it’s interesting to me that he is always unfazed by the coldness of the surface he is sitting on.

After a minute or so, he grunts his way back up and finishes his job with the mower.

I guess the funniest part about this daily routine is that as his parents, my wife and I completely go along with it; causing him to think it’s completely normal to mow the kitchen floor then take a rest inside the refrigerator.

Yes, it’s scary to think how a big part of my job as his parent is to teach him what is normal.

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