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He’s a Skater Boy, Said “See You Later, Boy!”

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Nine months.

Jack has now graduated the crawling stage. While it may be simply natural to assume that walking is the next phase of mobility, Jack has decided to implement an exciting new transition for himself: skating.

Whether it’s an empty water bottle, a book, or a Jiffy cornbread box, Jack gets in his crawling position and places his right hand on the random item of choice. He uses his legs to push his body forward and his left hand for both steering and to skate with, using the object like a skateboard. (Yes, he’s left handed.)

He is officially in his most hilarious stage so far. I can’t help laugh as each time he skates to where the action is, as if to say, “Forget crawling, or even walking, I’ve got a better way to get there!”.

To make it even weirder to watch, he often spouts out his new catch phrase, “to-gaht, to-ghat, to-ghat, to-ghat, to-ghat…” as he skates along. I’m still trying to figure out if that’s supposed to be his impression of either Apu from The Simpsons or The Swedish Chef from The Muppets.

I’m in no hurry to see him start walking, because I know that will be a whole other challenge in itself for the parents. It’s totally cool with me if he wants to be a skater boy for now.

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Learning to Crawl and Working Out the Kinks

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Six months.

baby crawling

We are on the brink of that epic moment, when Jack’s upcoming freedom of mobility becomes his parents’ newest responsibility.  At six months old, Jack is figuring out how to crawl.

Last Monday in between commercial breaks of The Bachelorette premiere, my wife Jill had just left the room and I was hanging out with Jack on his play rug. Having just muted the TV, I tossed the remote control aside.  It landed a few in front of Jack.

He got that intuitive look in his eyes.  Jack focused all his strength and energy on that piece of modern technology.  And then he went for it.  A few seconds later: mission accomplished- TV remote in mouth.

In a classic ’80′s sitcom tone, I called out to my wife: “Uh, Jill… you’re gonna want to see this…”.  I removed the remote control from Jack’s slimy hands (it was like taking candy from a baby), gave it another toss a few feet away from him, and again our son crawled towards the new location on the rug.

The Dadabase

Once Jack realized he could crawl, he didn’t stop until his bed time.  We learned that other great motivational tools include cell phones and cameras.  If it’s an electronic device, it’s worth the crawl.  Of course, at this point, his crawl isn’t perfected.

Instead, it reminds me of what Alex Pate got me for my 10th birthday at the local bowling alley on April 20th, 1991.  (More on that event in an upcoming post potentially entitled “Don’t Drop the Baby!”)…  I’m referring to a wind-up Ninja Turtles action figure called Creepy Crawling Splinter, because Jack’s crawl is so low to the ground and his legs sort of get lost in the shuffle.  It’s amazing, yet sort of hilarious.

My favorite crawling moment so far is when I came home from work recently, I took off my “work clothes” and placed them on the couch as I walked to the bedroom to grab a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.  In the seconds that I was gone, Jack had looked up from his play rug and saw what he thought was his daddy.

babySo he crawled up to my pants’ leg, then made a sad crying noise when I didn’t respond. Yes, he saw my clothes and thought I was sitting there on the couch.  So he was really surprised when I walked up to him from the other room.

But as much weird stuff that goes on in our house in efforts to entertain Jack on a daily basis, I’m sure he won’t be questioning why he has two dads.  He’s more concerned with improving his mode of transportation.


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