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Setting Some Ground Rules For Halloween Candy, Or Not

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

2 years, 11 months.

Dear Jack,

Thursday night for Halloween, Mommy and I will be taking you to the neighboorhood Fall Festival.

I think we are more excited than you are, as it seems you are confused by what will be taking place there.

The thought of everyone dressing up in costumes and getting free candy for no real good reason, well… yeah, I could see the confusion.

Something I just now thought of is how you won’t necessarily know how to mentally process the upcoming influx of candy.

Meanwhile, I won’t know how to mentally process the upcoming influx of candy, either.

As a parent who practices a strict plant-based lifestyle, the thought of you having access to all that petroleum-based food dye and high-fructose corn syrup is actually the scariest part of Halloween, for me.

With you a few weeks away from your 3rd birthday, you’re just now old enough to where I’m letting you “experiment” with candy.

This is the first Halloween where candy is actually part of the equation.

And I have no gameplan.

What I mean is, I’ve yet to draw the lines on what candy I don’t want you eating and how much of the approved candy I’m willing to let you keep.

I can’t just let you have as much of whatever you get, even though it’s completely free.

At this point, I suppose what it will come down to is Mommy and me actually getting back home and sorting through your spoils.

Hmm. Now I’m curious to see which candy I will and will not approve. I honestly don’t know.

I’m assuming every other parent has to figure this out, too: how to filter through the candy explosion yet not deprive their kid of the fun.

While I am curious to know how other parents handle this, I’m also sort of up for the surprise of seeing which candy (and how much of it) I will decide to allow.

So maybe I should revisit this question in a few days?





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