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Kama Sutra For Parents of Young Children

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

14 months.

Just in time for the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I found this helpful illustration of Kama Sutra for us parents with small kids.

Through Facebook, I found it on another daddy blog, called How To Be A Dad. The clever artist behind this picture is Andy Herald.

By now, despite my purposely misleading title, it’s obvious the “Kama Sutra” positions I’m referring to are the hilarious sleeping positions that two parents and a baby end up in when they all share a bed. My personal favorite is “Jazz Hands.”

Back before our son was born, my wife and I fully intended to let our son Jack sleep in the bed with us, but it just never really mutually caught on. Thank God.

What was I thinking?!

For the first several months he slept in his Pack-N-Play next to our bed. Then at 7 months old, I trained him to sleep through the night, in his own bed. (Yes, I’m very proud of myself for that.)

love my son.

Without hesitation, I would die for him. But I wouldn’t let him sleep in the bed with my wife and I at this point.

It works for a lot of parents. And I honor and respect them doing what works for them.

Here’s the thing: I simply don’t care what other parents do. I have enough to keep me busy.

Sure, I offer up plenty of parenting advice here on The Dadabase, but that’s all it is: advice for parents who are like-minded or at least open-minded in regards to my way of parenting. It doesn’t mean I’m right. It just means I found what works for me and my kid.

Every child is different. And that scares me, because if  (big word) my wife and I end up having another kid, I hate the thought that he or she may not be the kind that will sleep through the night in a separate room and bed down the hall.

I would like to think that my son’s trained sleeping routine is simply because of my deliberate efforts, but what if I’m simply lucky and/or wrong?

In the likeness of Cesar Milan being able to train dogs to make him a 7 course dinner while polishing his shoes and trimming his goatee, I want to believe that I can train any child of mine to sleep through the night in a separate bed.

Only time will tell if I’m right.

Man… I hope I’m right.

*I invite you to check more hilarious illustrations like the one featured here, as well as really cool blog posts about fatherhood, by going to How To Be A Dad. They’re on Twitter too; they have like 85,000 followers!  @HowToBeADad


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