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My Pal Scout: The 2013 Version Of My Buddy

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

2 years, 6 months.

Dear Jack,

You’ve had My Pal Scout (by LeapFrog) since you were a newborn. He’s a toy you’ve literally grown up with. However, it’s now at age 2 and a half that Scout is truly relevant to your life more than ever.

Now that you can talk, it’s like Scout has truly come to life! He’s a real talking puppy… at least, I think that’s what you think.

Sometimes to stall going to bed, you’ll ask for socks from the closet, then see a toy you haven’t played with in the past 4 months; ever since you became obsessed with monster trucks, that is.

That happened to be the case with Scout.

“Jack, let me show you how to play with him. If you want to play games, just press this red ball of yarn on his paw,” I explained.

Scout began talking to you:

“Hi Jack, wanna play?”

In a half-second’s time of confusion, astonishment, and wonder, I saw your eyebrows go up as you excitedly and hesitantly replied with a smile, “Yeah!”

Then Scout continued to engage you: “My favorite animal is a giraffe. Jack, is that your favorite animal too?”

How could it be that this green puppy who has been hanging out in the closet has the same interests as you? He even likes bananas, as you do, and sang about them to you.

Granted, Mommy customized Scout online a couple years ago to say your name and interests. But to you, he’s a cool dog who can talk.

And so the bromance began. All last weekend, Scout was your buddy. You were sort of bummed that I wouldn’t let you take him to the zoo.

At least I let you eat dinner with him.

I think Mommy just needs to program Scout to say he likes monster trucks… then you’ll really be all set!





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