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Dumb Tattoos Are Like Weird Children’s Names

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

2 years, 7 months.

Dear Jack,

Here’s my deep thought of the day for you, whatever year you end up reading this: Dumb tattoos are like weird children’s names.

I’ve learned it’s best to just not say anything in an effort to keep myself from slipping out what I really think.

But these days, there really are a lot of dumb tattoos and weird names for kids everywhere I go. Of course, I’m smart enough to not give examples of either.

What is considered to be a “dumb” tattoo or a “weird” name for a child is a matter of opinion… even if the vast majority happens to share the same opinion.

(I… think.)

No matter what ridiculous example I could think of for what I believe is a poor choice for a tattoo, or for a child’s name, surely there would be someone who named their kid that or has a tattoo like I would describe.

I figure, in either case, it’s all in an effort to be unique and express who they are in a way they want the world to perceive them.

Do I personally care about other people’s kids’ names or other people’s tattoos? No, I don’t. It doesn’t affect me.

Does it have the ability to make me flinch just for a second, then text message my sister about it as we try to “one up” each other with our most outrageous findings? No comment.

But the effort to express how I really feel about seeing what I consider to be a dumb tattoo or hearing some weird name that a parent gave their newborn child… it’s just fruitless.

Though I will say this: At least a tattoo only directly affects that person for the rest of their life, unlike the name they give their child.

Even those very parents who name their kids the most bizarre things surely themselves hear other children’s names that they think are ridiculous and then they go through this same mental process as I am doing right now.

So ultimately, in a world of dumb tattoos and weird names that parents give their children, and in a world where mentioning either of those in a Facebook status update can get you in a vulnerable situation, it’s better to think it, but not say it.

Except for you. In private, I’ll totally tell you how I feel. Just don’t tell the kids at school I said it.





Photo: Self Introduction, via Shutterstock.

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