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Can’t Put a Price Tag on Living near Family

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Eight months.

From everything I had heard about a new mom and dad’s first night away from their baby, we were supposed to be constantly distracted, wondering if our son was okay.  That every hour we would call in, checking on him.  That the quality of our time together would be compromised by the thought of something going wrong back home, feeling helpless as Jack’s parents that we couldn’t provide the best care because we weren’t physically there.

And maybe that would have been the case.  But we were blessed in that from December 2010 up until about ten days ago, we lived near family. That’s why our version of our first night away from our son was nothing like the preconceived ideas explored in the first paragraph.

As mentioned in my bio (featured right), my wife and I are “bed and breakfast people.” A lot of the time, our gifts for each other are a trip a few hours away to a typically unheard of place where there is a B&B that received good reviews online. This was the case for my 30th birthday on April 20th, 2011.  Since our son Jack was born five months earlier on November 16, 2010, we had not yet spent a night away from him.

While in Alabama for those eight months, we had lived only a few miles not only my parents but also from my sister and her husband.  My parents were more than eager to keep Jack for the night, and of course my sister and her husband were there hanging out and helping most of the time too.  Meanwhile, my wife and I were three hours away in a town called Dahlonega, Georgia. (Pictured below.)

We enjoyed the laid-back environment of the B&B, the exploration of a new town, and the adventures of visiting a new winery as well as Cabbage Patch Kids “Babyland.“ I am not ashamed to say that we never called to check in on our son. Because in the care of my family, we never had any doubts. It was some much needed rest for us both.  In particular, for my wife, it was literally the first night she had in many months to actually be able to sleep through the entire night.  (Our son was not yet sleeping through the night at that point.)

You can’t put a price tag on living near family.  However, you can put a price tag on the cost of living versus the amount of income lost by moving to a small town where there just aren’t as many appropriate jobs to go around.

In addition to the invaluable life lessons we learned, another priceless benefit is that we were able to share Jack with my family during this whole time.  I try to imagine how different that not only the stories but also the pictures would be in my Dadabase posts if we had never moved away from Nashville.

The content of the past eight months would be completely different.  Instead, the stories have been forever documented and told with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law in the midst of it all.  Even though we won’t be able to watch Jack grow up in the same town as my family as we had planned, we will always have these stories and pictures to remember.  Not to mention, we only moved two and half hours away.  While that may be too far for a visit during the week, it’s not a bad drive for a weekend trip.

I know things won’t be able to be the same as they used to, regarding how close we’ve lived to my family.  But I have a feeling things won’t be that different, either.  Because you can’t put a price tag on family- no matter how close or far away you live from them.

Above picture: My sister and her husband holding their daughter and my son.

Top picture: My parents holding both of their grandchildren.

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Cabbage Patch Kids Babyland Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Six months.

Cabbage Patch Babyland

A few days before leaving for my 30th birthday weekend getaway in Dahlonega, Georgia, my sister asked if we were going to be anywhere close to the Cabbage Patch nursery called “Babyland.”  It turns out, the bed and breakfast we would be staying at was conveniently just about 20 minutes away.  Accidently awesome! (That’s one of my new catch phrases that will soon sweep the nation like “just saying” as well as one. word. sentences.).

By the way, my parents kept Jack for us that weekend.  That’s why you won’t see him in these pictures.

Babyland is one of those legendary places where if you grew up in the South and in the Eighties like I did, you’ve heard about it- almost wondering if it’s just a fabricated urban legend.  Mainly all I knew about it was that you could go visit a nursery of Cabbage Patch dolls- like a real nursery. Well, if it involves a random adventure, my wife and I will be the first in line.

Cabbage Patch Babyland

I will just say this right off the from the start: I highly recommend going to Cabbage Patch Kids Babyland.  First of all, it’s free admission.  Granted, it’s sort of out in the middle of nowhere, but for us, that was part of the allure.  The building itself is a new, beautiful mansion.  When we walked in, we asked a stranger to take our picture as we sat in a giant head of cabbage.

cabbage patch doll

Cabbage Patch

Then we walked through the nursery with the “crying” (recorded baby noises running through the speakers in the ceiling) Cabbage Patch babies. Next we entered the grand room where the main attraction is the actual cabbage patch itself- where the Cabbage Patch babies heads are “sprouting up.”  It made me think of that game at Chuck E. Cheese’s where you try to hit the gopher when it pops out of the hole, but you never know which one it will come out.  There where all these baby heads and they would randomly start moving- but you never knew which one would be next.  It entertained me, perhaps more than it should have.

cabbage patch

babyland cabbage patch

The whole place is like a huge nostalgic museum featuring the history of all versions of the Cabbage Patch Dolls, mixed with the ultimate Cabbage Patch Doll store.  When Jack gets older, my wife and will look forward to taking him there. The Cabbage Patch Kids Babyland is not just for girls.  I would be completely confident in taking my son just because I know how mesmerized he would be by all the magical moving baby heads.

babyland cabbage patch

So if you’re planning to be driving through northern Georgia in the near future, consider going a bit out of route and taking your kids to this one-of-a-kind palace. I can assure you that you will be just as entertained as your kids, because with all the retro memorabilia there, it’s a ticket straight back to 1983.  And who wouldn’t want to go back to 1983? Seriously.

cabbage patch

Cabbage Patch

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