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The Conquest Of A Big Boy Bed, At 3 Years Old

Saturday, December 28th, 2013

3 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

As part of your Christmas gift from Nonna and Papa (my parents), you received a cash envelope to help with the conquest of getting your “big boy bed.”

So I did my research at Mattress Firm during my lunch break and came to the conclusion we’d get the best quality for our money there.

After all, a new bed is an investment for years to come. We wanted to make sure we did this thing right.

While I admit it was a bit trying on Mommy and Daddy’s sanity to have you exploring the store while we made such a huge decision, you sure had fun checking everything out, trying out the mattresses and contraptions you discovered.

Ultimately, it made the best sense for us to also buy a new bed for ourselves, in addition to yours. They cut us a special deal since we bought two beds, so I was happy to save money!

Since going debt-free back in July (eternal “thank you” goes to Dave Ramsey), we’ve been saving up the income we were using to pay off debt each month, so we could afford new beds without using credit or worrying about clearing out our bank account.

Mommy and Daddy’s old bed had ultimately become a giant, spongy taco after over half a decade.

It was pretty sad, actually.

You helped pay with one of my old sub sandwich cards.

Not to mention, you’ll notice a picture of the men’s restroom sign here in this collage, which signifies you went potty there.

Speaking of trying Mommy and Daddy’s sanity, I will admit that tearing down your old bed and setting up your new one with you in the room with us wasn’t a cake walk either.

Mommy found ways to help you entertain yourself by getting you to read us books and to pretend the rockasan chair was a pirate ship.

Something funny that happened while I was tearing your toddler bed down was when I grabbed the wrench from my tool box.

It was the one I used 2 and a half years ago when I designed the logo for The Dadabase! I never removed the masking tape after all this time. And I still didn’t this week after realizing it!

Well, it was definitely a conquest and a chore, but you, as well as Mommy and me, have new beds, at last.

For you, it’s one step further in becoming a big boy. As for your parents, it means we’re no longer sleeping in a giant taco.





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Mazel Tov On My 2 Year-Old’s Bed Mitzvah!

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

2 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

I now wrap up the year 2012 with a noteworthy milestone in your life: Mommy and I just tucked you in for the night, for the first time… in your “big boy bed.”

No more crib for you. You have graduated into the day bed version.

Look how proud you are in this picture!

At long last, you are now sleeping like a 2 year-old, not a baby.

Son, tonight was your Bed Mitzvah.

This change in your life also is aligned with your parents’ more deliberate focus on helping your become potty trained.

Yesterday at T. J. Maxx, Mommy and I bought you 3 metal Chuggington trains. We explained to you that for the next 3 times you go pee-pee on the potty, you get to open a new train. (Sure, it’s an unavoidable pun: We’re potty training you.)

As an added bonus, you have recently received a surprisingly relevant gift last week that helps you sleep easier for your naps… a Thor indoor play tent.

It’s random because you have no idea who Thor is yet. You call it your tunnel.

“I can sleep in my tunnel?”

While attempting to get you to go to sleep for your afternoon naps on the weekends has always been a struggle, this new “tunnel” of yours is a pretty cool thing.

It has a side door which I pop my head in to read you a quick story. You never seem to mind when I slip out the door afterwords. Two hours later, you wake up and you’re ready to play again.

I just wish we would have known the wonders of a tunnel sooner!

So between your new “big boy bed” and your “tunnel,” I’d say things are pretty exciting in the world of sleeping, for you.

To this day, whenever Mommy and I ask you if you’re ready to go to sleep, as we can clearly see you are, you’ve never said yes.

Here’s to my wishful thinking that might change now that you’ve had your Bed Mitzvah…

I know, it’s asking too much.





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Jack’s Sock Monkey Nap Station

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Week 2.

Right before our finale Lamaze class a few weeks ago, my wife and I stopped by Walgreens to kill some time since we had arrived a little too early.  While walking through the pet aisle, a sock monkey pet bed caught my eye.  Immediately it occurred to me that this could potentially make the perfect nap station for a baby.  But it was too soon- our baby hadn’t even been born yet and I had to know that it wasn’t a crazy idea first.  He’s here now though.

And sure enough, the time of day that Baby Jack sleeps the hardest starts about an hour before I get home from work, during dinner, and at least an hour afterwards.  So while my wife and I eat dinner and catch up, we have been wrapping him up in a blanket and placing him safely on the couch while he was dreams about puppies.  After seeing that this was a new routine, my thoughts returned to the sock monkey pet bed (or “baby nap station”).  Therefore, I knew what Jack’s Christmas gift from me would be.

I wondered what my wife would think when I came home last Monday night with a sock monkey pet bed in my hands.  But when I explained why I had paid 13 bucks for a pet bed though we don’t have any pets, her immediate response was, “Well, let’s try it out.”  Needless to say, Baby Jack loves his sock monkey nap station.  While we do put him in it during dinner, it also is great because it is virtually weightless so we can easily carry him around the house while he’s asleep- anytime of day.

So my question is…why hasn’t someone thought of this sooner?  If only I could make millions off this idea- but the product already exists.  So I’ll have to settle for being the guy who started the trend of using a pet bed as a portable nap station for their baby.  Though it is pretty clearly documented here that I invented the “portable baby nap station”- so when I see an infomercial for it in a few months, I’ll be calling that toll free number to get my cut of the profits.   I can sleep well knowing that much.

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