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My Toddler Son, The Baby Bartender

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

17 months.

My wife Jill is one of those girls who keeps things very clean and organized. Now that I’ve been married to her for nearly 4 years, I have become a lot like her in that way.

Though for me, it’s more about keeping things feng shui.

And sure enough, without a doubt, our son has taken notice.

I suppose the theory on how my son reminds me of a baby bartender is that Jill would let him play with a moist diaper wipe while changing his diaper.

After having had observed her wiping off the counters every night after prepping dinner, Jack realized he could use his “toy” diaper wipe to help clean up around the house.

All it took was finding the perfect sized counter top for him to be able to wipe off: Our “coffee table,” which is actually intended to go outdoors on a patio but we found it on clearance and decided it can get the job done.

During his playtime, cleaning our coffee table has become one of his official activities that he enjoys doing. Last Saturday, I was sitting down in our living room watching him wipe it down when he casually, yet intently, came over to me and “washed” my back. Twice.

As he enjoyed his newest playtime activity, the theme song to Cheers started playing in my head. I couldn’t help but realize how much Jack’s demeanor resembled that of a token bartender on a classic TV show.

I especially feel that way when I look at the picture of him to the right. It looks like he has his sleeves rolled up, showing off his muscles.

As I allow the fantasy story line to unfold, I imagine another toddler walking up to Jack’s bar:

Jack says, “What’ll it be, a Baby Brewsky?”

His customer replies, “Nah, I’ll take a Milk & Scotch… hold the Scotch.”

But seriously, I’m digging the fact that my son actually likes cleaning; at such an early age, too.

Makes me wonder what else we can teach him to clean.

Hmm… he’s tall enough to reach the toilet seats…



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