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My Son’s Alter Ego Is A Schlubby Dinosaur

Monday, April 29th, 2013

2 years, 5 months.

Dear Jack,

This past weekend while your cousin Calla visited us, your best friend from school, Sophie, also met us at your favorite indoor playground called Shipwrecked.

It was interesting to see which costumes the three of you chose to wear during the two and half hour play date.

You did your best to find the most masculine, mess-making one they had. Turns out, Superman was already taken; though personally, I say Batman is superior to the alien in red underwear any day.

So you chose…

(Yes, that is a reference to House Hunters on HGTV.)

…Baby Bop from my least favorite (meaning I despise it!) kids TV show, Barney & Friends.

(Make sure you check out all the pictures of the event by clicking on this link to The Dadabase’s Facebook page. Go to the folder called Shipwrecked With Cousin Calla and Gal Pal Sophie; showing many more hilarious snapshots of the ordeal.)

Just imagine, you ran around an indoor playground for 2 and a half hours wearing that mascot of a costume.

Normally, a person’s alter ego would be a stronger, faster, more intelligent version… with super powers.

At least you were able to accidentally swing your massive tail at other kids as you ran pass them.

However, I think your cousin Calla’s alter ego choice was even more bizarre: Batman.

Not only is Calla a girl, but she’s a girly girl; always wearing pink or purple and carrying around a baby doll and a kitten.

So as to how exactly she felt Batman, who I’ve already alluded to is my favorite comic book (and movie) superhero, is puzzling to me.

She walked around like Frankenstein, arms out, possibly attempting to fly.

We’ll have to ask her about that one day.

At least Sophie’s alter ego choice made perfect sense: She was a pink poodle.

Sophie already sort of reminds me of a cute little playful puppy anyway; always so happy to see you at school. Plus, she has the curly hair thing going on too, so the costume was a good match all around.

I especially was entertained when you and Sophie (top picture) decided to read to each other, simultaneously, while dressed as Baby Bop and a pink poodle.

What was particularly interesting was the fact you were reading a book that featured a young child dressed up in a dinosaur costume.

I would have to say that this experiment was a success. All three of you were able to display your alter ego… for better or for worse; or weird.







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