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Alicia Silverstone’s Kind Mama Milk Share

Monday, July 1st, 2013

2 years, 7 months.

Dear Jack,

I love being a part of conversations in which people can openly and honestly discuss where their food comes from.

With that being said, Alicia Silverstone is currently showing up in headlines because of an announcement she made on her blog, The Kind Life:

“….because we are a community of beautiful souls who recognize the importance of food as health, I say we help support those mamas and babies who need a hand during one of the most important times in their lives. It’s why I’m starting the Kind Mama Milk Share, a way for moms to connect with other moms in their area. If you have milk to share–post it! If you are in need of milk–post it! Think of all the babies we can help raise together!”

I instantly knew how I felt about it, but I wanted to test out the story on Facebook first. Honestly, I personally had never heard of a “milk bank” before today.

Fortunately, I only received positive, insightful feedback. A Dadabase reader named Sarah perfectly summarized my feelings on the subject:

“Good for her! There are a number of groups like this already. Human Milk 4 Human Babies is one example. It is interesting that the same folks who are squeamish about milk donation, never bat an eye about the consumption of milk from an entirely different species. I understand the concern for transmitting disease, that would be my only hesitation. But isn’t there a risk of disease from formula feeding as well? 

If I wasn’t able to breastfeed my kids, for whatever reason, I’d consider it. If I had a surplus of milk in my freezer, I’d much rather see it go to good use! Coming from someone who pumped exclusively for 12 months, it is devastating to throw away.”

Whenever a story goes viral, I always like to figure out why. My initial thought was that there must be strong criticism against Alicia Silverstone’s announcement. Instead, it seems the story is growing in popularity because so many people can relate, or are at least intrigued by it.

As I’ve been reading through the comments on Alicia Silverstone’s blog, I see a sanctuary of positive feedback. Something I didn’t consider was how this subject relates to adoption.

My friend Angela shared with me her story on Facebook, regarding adoption:

“This has been in the front of my mind as of late. I was able to breastfeed all 3 of my babies. However, as we are shifting to fostering babies I am stocking formula and attending WIC meetings. Ugh. It would be amazing to be able to give these little ones breast milk but obviously this mobile milk machine is not accessible for them. This is very intriguing to me.”

Like I said, I love being a part of conversations in which people can openly and honestly discuss where their food comes from. I have found that’s not always so easy. In fact, I’m working on a story right now called “Never Talk About Politics, Religion, Or Peoples’ Food,” which points out this fact.

However, it seems that Alicia Silverstone is making a lot of people happy by engaging them and spreading her good ideas to them about Kind Mama Milk Share.

It’s nice to see something so good go without criticism.





Photo: Breast pump, via Shutterstock.

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