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Jack the Fearless Vs. the PetCo Cat

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Nine months.

Ever since he was born last November, Jack has never been afraid of anything.  In fact, things that should scare him to the point of crying are actually the things that make him laugh.  On the other hand, when people try to make him laugh by being silly, he just sort of gives a blank stare, as if to say, “What? That’s all ya got?”.

Just to be clear on what doesn’t scare Jack, I often speak to him in my Freddy Krueger voice while making my Freddy Krueger face, saying things like, “How’s this for fine dining?” while feeding him his bottle.  Or during playtime and he’s crawling on the floor I’ll chase him while crawling myself, again in Freddy Krueger mode: “Come here, son.  I eat babies for breakfast!”. And he grunts with delight.

One particularly fun and unsafe game I play with Jack is when I throw a thin blanket over him. As he tries to remove it, waving his arms, he looks like a generic ghost from Scooby Doo. It usually only takes a few seconds for him to reappear and as soon as he does, he’s always laughing.

With that being said, we finally found something that scares Jack. Recently we ate at a restaurant meeting some friends for breakfast.  Oddly enough, the place we ate was adjoined to a PetCo pet store. So we decided to check out the live animals for some Saturday morning entertainment.

Jack loved the dogs, birds, fish, and even the smelly weasels- or were they ferrets?

But on our way out the door, we realized we had totally missed the cats when we had entered the PetCo.  As I held Jack in my arms, walking closer to the caged cats that happened to be at Jack’s eye level, he started crying a different kind of cry than I am used to hearing from him.  It wasn’t “I’m hungry” or “I’m tired.” Instead, it was the rare “I’m scared! Get me out of here!”.

In particular, there was a black cat with green eyes that started creeping toward Jack.  Though in a cage, it really freaked him out.  To be fair, the cat truly was a bit creepy; all panther-like and whatnot.

The fearless and adventurous Indiana Jones was known for being terrified of snakes. Looks like the equally daring Jack has found his weakness in the feline form.

*These pictures were taken at a random mini-amusement park in Lodi, California; the same city that was featured in the 1969 song “Lodi” by Creedence Clearwater Revival, containing the lyrics, “stuck in ole Lodi again.”

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Planking: My Infant Son Joins the Internet Fad

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Six months.

baby planking fad

As Jack is building his arm strength as he learns to crawl, I’m seeing him do this peculiar new move with his body.  When he begins wearing himself out from crawling around on the rug and shows signs of needing a nap, he “buries” his head down into the ground and lays as flat as he can.  It’s Jack’s pre-sleep position.

baby TV remote control

Coincidentally, this is happening along side a world wide Internet fad called “planking.”  I just learned about it two weeks ago from Weekend Update with Seth Meyers on Saturday Night Live.  Planking is a most extraordinary way to do something completely ordinary.  All it involves is laying down completely flat and still, while face-down.  But the most important part is that the “planker” is photographed so that their “planking proof” is evident to the Internet world; via Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.

If you need a proper visual of the official thing, just go to Google Images and type in “planking fad.”  I do realize that Jack isn’t planking perfectly, because of the fact he can’t/won’t really lay his arms next to his side.  But I’m okay with that, because after all, he is just a baby.

So along with Jack’s crawling comes Jack’s exploring.  His biggest motivators are laptops and TV remote controllers.  He just goes cuckoo for them.

Again, this is completely in line with planking, as Jack is not content to see the same scenery day after day.  Just as planking requires the person to show up in new places, so does parenting Jack.  Even when he was much younger, my wife and I would take him hiking.  We’ve recently gotten into this tradition of rocking Jack on our two-seater rocking chair after dinner on the front porch.

As much as Jack can appreciate being over-stimulated with all the crazy antics my family introduces him to, he also loves to just chill out- but only outside.  The wind has to be softly blowing on his face and he has to feel some of the heat of the sun.  In that situation, Jack doesn’t make a peep.  He just chills out.

baby planking fad

And again, isn’t that a major part of planking?  I’m seeing unavoidable parallels between Jack’s recent developments and the fad of planking.

If it were up to Jack, I wonder where all in the world (and space and time) he would plank…

1969 Moon Landing Planking!

baby planking moon landing 1969

Conan’s Desk Planking!

baby planking Conan O'Brien's desk

Old School Nintendo Planking!

(On an actual plank! Double score!)

baby planking fad Super Mario Nintendo

Special effects appear courtesy of Walter “Wally” Wellborn.

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