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My 18 Month-old Toddler Says Bye-Bye Inappropriately

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

A year and a half.

Jack loves to find a reason to tell someone (or something) goodbye. He gets the concept of saying “bye-bye” to other people when he is leaving the room.

But what he doesn’t understand is that it only applies to humans.

When walking down in the sidewalk in our neighborhood and we pass a neighbor walking their dog… you guessed it. Once the dog passes us, not the person walking the dog, Jack tells the dog “bye-bye.”

As Jack is in his rear-facing car seat on the drive home from day care and the car behind us turns the other way at a 4-way stop… “bye-bye.”

At the end of bath time each night, even the water going down the drain is worthy of a sweet farewell.

Of course, today marks a milestone for Jack anyway because he is now a year and a half old. However, it’s also special because he spoke his first sentence:

“Bye-bye Dada.”

As Jill was carrying him upstairs for bedtime, he turned back to me and said it very clearly.

I’ve never heard him combine two words in a legitimate manner until now.

To hear him say his first sentence actually was a bigger deal for me than when he said his first word; which coincidentally was “Dada.”

But the sentence “Bye-bye Dada” was more special. He looked me right in the eyes. It was so deliberate.

Those two words conveyed not just a simple message to me, but instead, “I know who you are. I know you take care of me. I love you.”

Or maybe I’m just reading into it.

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