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Hey there, thanks for visiting The Dadabase today. I’m Nick Shell, a 2005 graduate of Liberty University and current resident of Nashville, TN. It just so happens my son’s name is Jack and my wife’s name is Jill. Back in April 2010, I decided I wanted to set a world record for the longest-running daddy blog in the world, beginning with the day the parents-to-be went public with the news they were expecting a baby. Nearly a thousand blog posts later, I write a new one nearly every day. My work has since been featured in American Baby magazine as well as on Shine from Yahoo.

I’m very familiar with the clichés that “they grow up fast” and “don’t blink, because one day you’ll look up and see they’re all grown up.” Therefore, one of my goals in chronicling my life as a dad, as well as my son’s life a child, is to capture as many of those subtle and classic moments as I can. For me, it’s not just about documenting these quirky stories, but also connecting them to the bigger picture, which is often psychological and/or spiritual.

In addition to focusing on “big picture” stuff, it’s also no secret that my family lives a plant-based lifestyle. We are always in search for the best new recipe for vegan cupcakes!

Through my often seemingly-random stories about my young son, my hope is that you can relate to and be encouraged by my blog.

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I tend to post my new daily material late at night after my wife and son are asleep, but it might make it easier for you to keep up with me if I just give you links to my Facebook and Twitter. You can also subscribe to my site below to receive daily updates via email!

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More About Me

When I’m not working my full-time job in Human Resources, studying for my Society of Human Resources Management certification, and writing for this blog, I’m training for a half-marathon with my wife, mountain biking, and watching cerebral documentaries on Netflix.

As a family, we love to visit zoos, watch races and musicals, buy groceries at Whole Foods, and connect with our friends at church.  (These the things Jack tells me he likes doing the most with us!)

Thanks again for stopping by The Dadabase.