Toddler Fight Club: “No Pinching, Only Punching”

21 months.

While listening to The Wally Show this week, I heard about this buzzing story of a real life fight club… for toddlers!

Apparently at a daycare center called Hands Of Our Future in Dover, Delaware, three female workers have been accused of and arrested for encouraging 3 year-old toddlers to fight each other; being told, “No pinching, only punching…”.

A cell phone captured the evidence as a toddler turned to an adult for protection only to be pushed into the fight.

Unfortunately, those “hands of our future” were being taught to punch and hit.

My first thought was, “Wow, that’s incredibly sad to think about! What if my son was ever in that situation?”

My next thought was, “I wonder if like in the movie Fight Club, there are other Toddler Fight Clubs scattered across the United States…”.

Because seriously, if three adult daycare workers supported a Toddler Fight Club in Delaware, of all random places, what are the odds that was the only place it has happened and is happening?

Granted, there is no justification in forcing toddlers to injure each other, but what could have possibly been in it for these three women?

Bragging rights? That’s beyond messed up.

A crazy news story like this only feeds into the imagination of parents like us who have to send their kids to daycare for more waking hours than we get to spend with them ourselves.

Fortunately, I have a lot of trust in my son’s daycare center. Enough to know that if he comes home with a bruise, it’s because he fell down while playing with a toy; not because he was involved in a Toddler Fight Club.


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