Can We Just Nix This Idea Of The Perfect “Supermom” Already?

15 months.

I think I’m getting annoyed by now when I hear moms contrast themselves to Supermom, a fictional character who flawlessly takes care of the kids and the house, and her husband, all while never having a hair fall out of place.

It’s ridiculous when moms continue to believe in this imaginary saint who is naturally better than them at being a mother.

I get it, though. Part of being a modern parent is to using self-deprecating humor.

Sure, a few specific jabs at our own parenting imperfections is healthy and funny. What I think needs to go is this concept, that as moms, you’re not already doing a wonderful job.

Who’s telling you you’re not a good enough mother, by the way?

Could it perhaps have something to do with exaggerated notions of other fellow moms you respect and subconsciously model yourselves after?

I’m going to say something now and you have to believe it, because it’s true.

You are Supermom.

No, as the daddy blogger of I’m not trying to grow my female readership in some cheap attempt.

I just simply know the truth of the situation, as an outsider. You moms already do it all. And everybody else knows this. So just embrace the good reality already.

You are Supermom; the real-life version of her. The main difference I see is that the fictional version never complains. But is that a good thing? To never complain?

Nope. It’s absolutely necessary to communicate your frustrations as a parent.

In fact, as a dad, one of my biggest struggles is not that I contrast myself to Superdad, but that I am overly aware of how seemingly effortless moms seem to be at parenting.

If it weren’t for Supermoms, how in the world would Superdads ever know what we are doing?

Please don’t be your own Kryptonite. Instead, be kind to yourself today… Supermom.

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