Is It A Bad Idea To Drive Your Kid Around For Nap Time?

14 months.

Up until last weekend, I wasn’t okay with the idea of Jack becoming dependent on my driving him around in the car in order to get him to sleep.

Though I trained him to sleep through the night at 7 months, he has continued to put up a fight when it comes to daytime naps.

Given that I’m pretty sure I’ve developed a bit of Carpal Tunnel in my left hand from toting him around, I realize the need to give my wrist a rest whenever I can.

So I’m not one of those dads, like this guy I work with, Greg, who will spend hours at a time rocking his son to sleep and keeping him asleep.

Maybe I’m French or something, but I don’t want my son to become physically dependent on me for his naps.

So I figured if I have to choose between him being dependent on me doing something in order to sleep, I’d rather it be of me driving him around the neighborhood. It’s a win-win-win situation.

Jack fell asleep within 10 minutes of riding in his car seat as I listened to the jazz station on the radio. Then, once I heard him snoring, I pulled the car into a parking spot, turned off the engine and kept the radio on.

That’s when I pulled out the current book I was reading. It was Jon Acuff’s Quitter; which between the 4 naps on Saturday and Sunday, allowed me to basically finish the thing cover to cover.

Meanwhile, my wife was able to get some housework done and eventually got some chill-out time; which she spent watching House Hunters on her laptop.

So to answer the question I asked in the title of this… no. Not only is it not bad, it’s good. Really good.

Jack gets a nap. I get to read a book while listening to jazz. My wife gets time to catch up on things, including rest.

I always appreciate our time together as a family. But it’s also important that we all have time to do our own things separately. Win-win-win.

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