Why This Dad is Offering Free Private Advice Via Email

13 months.

Let me be your non-licensed, unprofessional 2nd opinion for all things dad-like.

No matter how close of a friend you have, I still believe there are certain things you just can’t ask them because A) you know them too well and B) they know your family and friends.

I remember when I got married back in 2008 how I wished there was some random, yet relevant and normal guy who understood what I was going through, who I could easily get free advice from.

Back then, I was so clueless as to how to be a husband; knowing what to say and how to react to my wife, and more importantly, what not to say and how not to react. I just wanted an anonymous advice source.

By now, I’m much more comfortable being a husband; as I had to learn simply through trial and error, and reading clever books like Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat? and For Men Only.

I was that much more overwhelmed when I become a dad 13 months ago. I was frustrated on so many levels and wanted some invisible person who didn’t know me by name to tell me exactly what to do.

Gandhi said, “We need to be the change we wish to see in the world.” So I’m taking his advice.

Starting now, I am volunteering myself as this anonymous advice giver. In particular, my free service is for dads and moms who don’t want their problems aired publicly before critics, but who just want simple, straight-forward advice for their stressful and/or delicate situations regarding parenting.

Dads, are you annoyed by the fact that your child is so clingy to your wife all the time; causing your wife to become stressed out because she can’t get anything done? And are you beyond frustrated that you want to help your wife but know that if you try, your child will do nothing but cry for your wife? I want to help you with deal with this, but not in front of a female audience.

Moms, is your husband just all of the sudden getting angry for no reason and not telling you why? Is he not helping out enough with the baby and with cooking and cleaning? I’ll be glad to tell you how to motivate him, but not here, knowing that at least a quarter of my readers are male.

In this “online hotline” of mine, I am very serious about staying committed to it being anonymous. I truly don’t want to know you who are; not even a hint. I simply want to help people I don’t know.

If you’re interested and/or curious and in need of some “dadvice,” simply send me an email to nickshell1983@hotmail.com. Just so I don’t overlook it in my inbox, be sure to include the codeword “dadvice” in the subject line.

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