My Son is Sort of a Gummy Bear

Ten months.

The title almost makes enough sense on its own, right? If it were possible to shrink Jack down to half an inch tall and color him all red, he would make the perfect Gummy Bear. It’s that simple. Or on the flip side, if it were possible to mutate a Gummy Bear into a living human being, it would become Jack.

On most of the bags that the candy comes in, there’s a cartoon of a bear waving at the consumer, as if to say, “Well hey there, come be my friend!”. For me, Jack encompasses the assumed personality of a Gummy Bear: He’s fun, he’s friendly, and he’s cuddly.


Here lately, I’ve been noticing that Jack is a bit more cuddly than normal. Usually, he has to be a part of the action, whatever it is; it usually involves an attempt to disassemble or make a skateboard out of something, while putting it in his mouth.

To my surprise, Jack has been regularly crawling in my lap and letting me massage his shoulders. I guess he needs some relaxation from all his hard work. The more cuddly he gets, the more he becomes a Gummy Bear to me.

Of course, there is another kind of gummy bear that Jack reminds me of, one that’s spelled with an “i.”  I’m referring to the 1980′s Disney cartoon with the really awesome theme song. The youngest of the group was an adventurous pink boy bear that carried around a wooden sword; his name was Cubbi.

I have Jack’s famous “tie picture” hanging up at my cubicle wall at work. Sometimes I look at it, the shape of his pastel, rainbow necktie makes me think of Cubbi and his sword.

My son is a cute, little, adventurous bear cub. And for some reason right now, I’ve got a case of the munchies…


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