My Son’s Valentine To Himself: A Dog Ticket

3 years, 2 months.

Dear Jack,

This week as we are preparing your Valentine’s cards for your classmates.

As Mommy was writing out your cards for your friends, helping you figure out who gets which Disney-themed message along with a special snack treat, you decided that you wanted your own Valentine’s card.

So Mommy wrote one to you, from you.

But that wasn’t enough. You wanted two.

And so then Mommy wrote one to you, from her and me.

For the past couple of days now, you have been carrying both of them around with you everywhere you go. One of them has the dog from Up, while the other has the mice from Ratatouille.

You refer to them has your “tickets.” (I’m pretty sure you’re referring the movie, The Polar Express, by the way.)

For the past two days as I’ve taken you into your classroom at school, you have insisted on carrying in your “dog ticket” and your “mouse ticket,” then carefully placing them in your cubby for the day.

They are your self-assigned tickets.

You feel the need to always have them with you, as if Tom Hanks is going to prevent you from passing through any given entry point if you don’t have your “dog ticket” accessible for him to use the hole-punch on, to eventually spell out a special word for you.

Whatever the rules are, you’ve written them in your head, leaving me to observe them through your consistent and quirky habits.

This Friday for Valentine’s Day, you’ll be receiving cards from your friends, and plenty of treats too. However, you better make sure you have your dog ticket and your mouse ticket.

You might need them in order to be able to eat the candy that will come with those cards. I hear Tom Hanks is pretty particular about that…




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