OMG Is A Four Letter Word

3 years, 2 months.

Dear Jack,

One of your new phrases that you’ve recently picked up is “oh my gosh.”

To some, that may not seem like a big deal. But for our family, it’s not something we take lightly.

“Oh my gosh” is lesser form of “oh my God,” which in my book, is a way of breaking one of the Ten Commandments: It’s referencing the Lord’s name in a trivial way; not in a reverent way.

I feel it’s my job to help you understand the difference in when it is and is not appropriate to use God’s name.

Here lately, you’re really getting curious about being more involved when our family prays together at dinner time.

Last night after I prayed while the three of us held hands before dinner, we all said “amen.” But you kept holding our hands, like you wanted to pray too.

So with Mommy’s encouragement, you paused, then simply said, “amen.” Hey, it’s a start- and I think that’s pretty cool of you to want to participate like that.

Whereas praying to God is the right way to use His name, randomly saying “oh my gosh” is a way to sort of indirectly tear down the holiness of God’s name.

It’s funny, because if you were 10 years-old and saying “oh my God,” I would be relieved for you to start saying “oh my gosh” instead.

But since you’re only 3, “what in the world?” is the phrase we are teaching you to say as a substitute for any form of “OMG.”

However, “oh my gosh” is everywhere.

It’s in kids’ movies and TV shows. You have friends who say it at school. I never thought much of it until it became a phrase I didn’t want you to say.

To be clear, I don’t find “OMG” to be offensive when others say it, because I don’t see how that personally concerns me.  I see it as an issue between an individual person and God in regards to how they use His name. 

But for us, as a family, it’s a decision we have made, based on the teachings of our faith.

So while it might sound trivial, I’m going to steer you away from “OMG” and redirect you to “what in the world?”

Even if it’s normal and everyone else does it. Even Mater and Lightning McQueen.





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