Photo Of Doyin Richards, Of Daddy Doin’ Work, Goes Viral

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Dear Jack,

I’m very passionate about shining a spotlight on any stories or situations where dads are being portrayed in a positive spotlight, unlike 20/20’s disrespectful Father’s Day piece entitled “D Is For Dad And Dumb,” or those stereotypical Robitussin commercials where the dad can’t help but wake the baby with all his annoying coughs.

Here’s a perfect example of the exact kind of story I love to feature:

A picture of Los Angeles dad (and blogger) Doyin Richards has gone viral. In the photo, he is seen brushing his daughter’s hair, while cradling his baby in an Ergo.

I think it’s interesting to dissect why this picture has resonated with so many people.

To me, it’s a candid view of what modern fatherhood is all about: involvement.

Clearly, this dad is involved… very involved- to the point he’s multitasking with his two children.

The picture is credible and sincere; and I think people appreciate that.

In addition to those things, I also found subtle and charming humor in it. I do see irony, but not the kind of irony as to imply that it’s weird for men to “babysit,” because that’s an outdated concept that both Doyin and I agree is not cool, as I see from this other picture from his blog, Daddy Doin’ Work.

What makes me laugh is because Doyin Richards appears to be a large, muscular, masculine guy who seems to be quite familiar with the routine and method of simultaneously getting his daughters ready in the morning; a very caring and thoughtful image.

He illustrates a perfect paradox of being both strong and gentile.

I’m sure the rest of the world has their own reasons for making the picture so popular, but those are the reasons I like it so much.

Gentile, yet strong, and definitely involved- I say that’s a good way to describe the modern dad.





Photo credit: Doyin Richards of Daddy Doin’ Work.

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