How Great Thou Artwork From School

2 years, 9 months.

Dear Jack,

Our fridge never ceases to be covered in at least a few of your artwork pieces from school.

I especially love this “frame in frame” piece which features a picture of you (not smiling) fingerpainting for the first time, superimposed over your actual finished product.

It’s modern, yet sophisticated.

Even if it’s by accident, I like the little smiley face you did in the upper right hand corner.

And the look on your face… you seem like a confused artist who was just interrupted in the middle of his work- which I guess that’s probably exactly what happened.

While I do totally appreciate your artistic skills, what I might love even more are the titles you give your work.

I know that throughout history, art has captured what people and their cultures find value in. So I assume the same is for you.

That would explain why this picture you entitled Bulldozer recently showed up.

Because you’re forced to be exposed to hundreds of cars on the way to school every morning during our hour drive, you’ve become very familiar with all the types of vehicles you see.

Your newest learned vehicle: the FJ Cruiser.

Another one of my favorites of your recent artwork pieces is one you named Monster Trucks and Baby Trucks.

Granted, it very much resembled Bulldozer.

But to you, it was clear that those scribbles and dots represented different sized pick-up trucks.

One that’s currently being featured on our fridge is one you called Diamonds.

It has a bunch of black dots all over it. I’m pretty sure you think stars are called diamonds, because of the song, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”

“Like that diamond in the sky,” as you sing it.

I love this stuff. You’re not too young to be an artist. This is where it begins.

You already are an artist.





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