Making Room For Dessert… Literally!

2 years, 8 months.

Dear Jack,

Mommy made some more awesome vegan chocolate cupcakes this weekend, from that recipe on the blog Oh She Glows. She had told you that you could have one after lunch today.

However, you hadn’t eaten much of your quesadilla before you were asking for your cupcake.

“I’m full. I want my cupcake. I want to hold it,” you told us.

(I like the fact that you were somewhat implying that you just wanted to hold the cupcake, not eat it.)

Mommy and I explained to you that if you were too full to eat the rest of your actual lunch, then you were definitely too full for a treat.

You’re a clever kid. Let me just say that.


We heard you grunting and straining. We were confused as to what you were doing.

“Jack, are you trying to make room for dessert?” Mommy asked.

The sly look on your face gave it away. Yes. That’s exactly what you were trying to do!

Nicely done. It worked.

Mommy and I decided to let you have a very small bite of your cupcake before your noontime nap.

You’ll get the rest of it later.

But honestly, it was as simple as us not wanting you to strain yourself too hard. After all, Mommy had already changed a dirty diaper of yours this morning while we were at the shoe store.

So we weren’t sure that you had much more to… push out.

I’ve heard of saving room for dessert, but never making room for dessert.

Well, at least not until today.




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