Camouflage Goes With Everything, Even Dog Bone Socks

2 years, 8 months.

Dear Jack,

Ever since last week when you decided to pack your “camel shoes just in case” inside your backpack, you have found a new appreciation for your camel shoes.

So much, that now, you are actually wearing them to school… everyday.

(Just to review, you say “camel” instead of “camouflage.”)

Today Mommy picked out one of my favorite shirts for you, with plaid shorts, and your striped socks with dog bones on them.

However, she didn’t intend for camouflage shoes to be part of that ensemble.

When it came time for me to get you out the door this morning, and you wanted to wear them, I put up no fight.

It honestly didn’t bother me. The way I figure, you’re really going to laugh one day when you see these pictures.

And hey, I’m not knocking your style.

In fact, you were pretty patriotic and American-looking today, with your red-white-and-blue theme, your American classic car on your shirt, and your camouflage shoes.

Just like Brad Paisley’s song “Camouflage” points out, camouflage goes with everything. Especially red, white, and blue.

I sort of envy the fact you get to dress like this and get away with it.

Granted, people in my office barely raise an eyebrow anymore or have any creative comments left when I wear my hot pink Polo pants to work. Still though, I had to establish a reputation as “the guy who can get away with dressing like 1985.”

However, you’re a kid. You’re a cute little boy who can totally rock some striped dog bone socks with camouflage shoes.

You don’t have to establish a reputation that, in essence, earns you the right to dress however you want.

That’s pretty awesome, actually.





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