Donkey Stickers And A Spatula… Because That’s Normal

2 years, 7 months.

Dear Jack,

At first glance, this picture of you from yesterday morning doesn’t seem all that out of the ordinary.

There’s nothing atypical about a little boy holding snacks in a plastic baggie in one hand and his pal Scout in the other.

But when you look closer, you’ll see that you’re also holding a black spatula and have a Band-Aid on your arm.

Actually, you have a Band-Aid on both of your arms, though you have no injuries.

You call them your “donkey stickers.”

Let me explain…

The night before, just as I was about to officially tuck you in and leave your bedroom, you had a special request for me:

“Daddy, I need my donkey stickers!” You pointed to the bathroom.

It’s sort of a blur, but I was miraculously able to figure out that you were asking for Toy Story Band-Aids, featuring Bullseye, who you think is a donkey instead of a horse. You wanted a “donkey sticker” for each of your forearms.

Sure enough, you fell asleep within like three minutes after you got your wish.

So yesterday morning, as I was making sure I was getting you out the door in time, I noticed you were holding a spatula in your hand. (I later asked Mommy how you ended up with it, and she simply responded with a subtle smile, “Jack asked for it.”)

You wanted to take it with you in the car, so I let you. After all, you’ve done much weirder things.

Granted, your daycare director wasn’t so thrilled to see you walk in the door with a spatula, explaining to me that it could be used as a weapon.

“Well, actually, I’m taking the spatula back with me when I leave here in a minute…”.

Yeah, that’s a pretty random thing for one adult to have to say to another.

You were so excited to see your spatula again at the end of the day. You didn’t let go of it for the entire car ride home.

While still wearing your donkey stickers, of course.







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