Father’s Day Is This Weekend: Sunday, June 16th

Dear Jack,

It’s always cool to be a dad, but this week is prime time! The Father’s Day cards and gifts have been bought and it seems the Internet is a bit more abundant in “dad stuff” this week. I’ll share a few examples of what I am seeing…

Here’s a funny music video about poppin’ bottles; the song totally gets stuck in my head when I watch it:

And there’s this classy commercial Sears put out about dads being heroes, which I definitely approve of:

“He’s just super, ’cause he’s my dad.”

I like this guy’s comment on the video on YouTube, which itself earned 67 thumbs up:

Matt Young 2 weeks ago

“I’m surprised. Typically, the media picks on men and fathers.”

And then, of course, there’s this blog post, called “24 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing.” It’s hilarious! From the dad who “helps” his daughter on the swing while drinking a beer…

via: img1.xhkong.com

To the dad who does his best to protect his daughter…


via: reddit.com

To the dad who evidently dresses in costume every day as he waves goodbye to his son…

via: pleated-jeans.com

I feel like in the past 3 years as I’ve been “daddy blogging,” I’m starting to noitice that I’m spending less time writing about examples of how dads are portrayed as idiots in media, and instead, spending more time spotlighting the examples of dads being celebrated instead.

That’s really exciting for me to see.

Sure, some of these examples I’ve shown today are lighthearted and show the dads poking fun of themselves, but that’s part of the celebration.

Fortunately, it’s becoming taboo for companies to portray the dad as a goofball. But it goes back to the concept that it’s better to make the crowd laugh yourself than to have them laugh at you at your expense thanks to someone else.

I definitely don’t mind laughing at myself. After all, it’s in my wiring to want to make people laugh… I’m a guy!

For the rest of this week, dads will officially be publicly celebrated. But in many households, dads are celebrated more than one special week a year.




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