Should Daddy Get A Gun For The House?

2 years, 5 months.

Dear Jack,

For the past two weeks, I have been spending a lot of my time trying to figure out the best answer to the question: Should I get a gun for our house?

Just to be clear, here are questions I am not asking today:

Should gun laws be changed?

Should no one in America have a gun in their house?

Should everyone in America have a gun in their house?

This is simply about us; our family. What other families choose to do in regards to protecting themselves is none of my concern or business.

However, I do know that every family whose political and/personal beliefs allow the option of owning a gun has had to deal with this question: Should we get a gun for our house?

So I did my homework. I borrowed a few issues of Concealed Carry magazine from a friend from work. Coincidentally, a coupon came through the fax machine for a handgun permit class that same day.

I had some lengthy conversations with the three coworkers who have concealed weapon permits; one of whom is a former cop of seven years.

In the end, the former cop with a concealed weapon permit and two young children was the most convincing.

I have no idea if he is a Democrat, Republican, or a Libertarian, like me. What I do know, his answer made the most sense, without any political strings attached.

His advice was this: Should you decide to get a gun, after you spend the time and money to get trained on how to use it, then, find an easy access place to keep the gun, but a place that is also out of reach of a child, you have to be confident you’ll be able to quickly turn on the light, to make sure who exactly you are aiming at, to make sure it really is an intruder. Also, you must be psychologically prepared to take the life of a person who is threatening your family’s safety.

It was important for me to hear and consider all that goes into owning a gun. The most valuable lesson for me to learn in my research was this: To get a gun is one thing; to get one and be ready and responsible from all aspects is another.

My research is complete and my decision is now made.





P.S. To read the follow-up to this letter, which further explains (or blurs) my decision, click here.


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  2. by Jeremy

    On May 7, 2013 at 10:49 am

    You just wrote the biggest cliffhanger ever.

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