Monster Trucks & Dinosaurs Are The New PB&J

2 years, 5 months.

Dear Jack,

Thirty years ago in 1983, when I was your age, my dad and I played an Atari game called Combat, which contained 27 games in one.

There was one battle on there where the 1st player was a plane that continually scrolled to the top right of the screen, while the 2nd player was a boat that continually scrolled to the bottom left.

By pressing the one orange button on the controller, you would try to shoot your opponent as they passed by every 5 seconds.

It was ridiculous, yet I really loved that stupid game.

The reason I thought of this random childhood memory is because of our shared love for monster trucks and dinosaurs.

I admit, the marvelous (and very marketable) combo of monster trucks and dinosaurs entered our family from a funny t-shirt you have, which features a page of a fake comic book.

When I first saw it, I thought, “How appropriate! That’s a perfect match, like peanut butter and jelly.”

As if it were an inevitable Biblical prophecy, I bought you a $4 purple monster truck last week, then a 99 cent T-Rex the next day.

I was naturally led to attach the dinosaur to the front passenger seat of my car, in attempt to annoy/make you laugh on the car ride to school.

To be fair, you not only had your purple monster truck to aid you in the psychological attack, but your Easter Bunny was there to serve as your ally as well.

I could tell you were sort of confused as to why I would buy you two toys for no apparent reason.

The best explanation I can give is this:

It’s a transportable version of horseplay. If I can’t be chasing you around the house, pretending to be a hungry and scary tiger, at least I can pretend that the plastic dinosaur has an appetite for monster trucks.

If nothing else, as much as I mention monster trucks and dinosaurs to you on a weekly basis, I figured we ought to at least have some official mascots for our relationship; given the number of times a mention the two on a weekly basis.

You are a monster truck. I am a dinosaur. 

Man, that sounds like the beginning of a beautiful haiku…






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