The Subtle Capitalist Message Of Easter Egg Hunts

2 years, 4 months.

Dear Jack,

Yesterday Mommy and I took you to your first Easter egg hunt of the year. You insisted on wearing a hat you outgrew several months ago: We let you win that battle.

During the drive there, I prepped you:

“Listen son, when the egg hunt begins, you need to pick up as many eggs as you can and drop them in your basket. Don’t stop to take the time to open the eggs to see what’s inside- there will be time for that later. Just find an area where no other kids are looking and search there for the eggs.”

The whistle blew and you were confused at first by the hysteria; you had the extra challenge of competing with 3 year-olds because we couldn’t find the 2 year-olds’ section.

But then, it was if you immediately remembered what I told you.

I saw this clever smile appear on your face… then you ran to a section in the grass where no one else considered going.

You meant business. Sure, it was fun for you, but you knew that when it was all over, each one of those eggs symbolized a chocolate treat which we normally wouldn’t let you eat.

After all the eggs were found, I couldn’t help but privately compare the number of eggs you had in your basket to the other kids’ baskets.

Son, you smoked ‘em. You did exactly as I instructed you in the car ride there.

You seized the opportunity, capitalizing in the free market of the egg hunt.

Granted, Mommy and I aren’t letting you keep all the candy you found. We sorted through what we would let you keep and we’re actually giving 75% of it away to your friends at daycare.

As your Libertarian dad, I am proud of you for learning a real-life lesson yesterday; in regards to being a responsible and proactive participant in the free market.

You worked hard and reaped the fruits of labor, but you’re also giving back to the community of toddlers who weren’t as fortunate to find as many eggs as you did.





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