What Kids’ TV Shows Do Your Kid Love That Really Annoy You?

2 years, 3 months.

Dear Jack,

Since Mommy and I officially began allowing you to watch TV when you turned 2 a few months ago, you have had several temporary favorite TV shows.

It began with Sesame Street, then Thomas & Friends, and right now you’re pretty much stuck on repeat with the All About… series, featuring Hard Hard Harry, as he teaches you all about monster trucks, fire trucks, and bulldozers.

I’m cool with all that.

But as we scroll through the “Just For Kids” section on Netflix live streaming, you’re starting to request… Barney & Friends.

You have been occasionally watching Dinosaur Train, which is a non-annoying show. It has opened your mind to dinosaurs, but unfortunately, you happened to get curious about that big purple dinosaur too.

So I just need to come out and say it. I have a low tolerance level for Barney the purple dinosaur.

He sounds like a slightly more sober Krusty the Clown impersonating Pee Wee Herman.

I apologize in advance for any possible bravado which might reveal itself here, but to be completely honest from my fatherly perspective, Barney just isn’t the normal masculine type of character you typically choose to entertain yourself with.

Sesame Street has ugly monsters, some of which have slightly intimidating Eastern European accents. Thomas & Friends make expensive messes and crash all the time. Hard Hard Harry introduces you to big noisy machines…

Barney, on the other hand, well… I just can’t get past all the giddy jumping in place along with that voice, which I constantly find myself mocking.

On top of that, I just don’t find it to be realistic or educational enough for a kids’ show, compared to the stuff you usually want to watch. With that being said, I definitely won’t tell you no when you want to watch Barney.

I will say this, though. This afternoon you crawled up in my lap and wanted to watch three 30 minute episodes of Hard Hard Harry. That’s the longest you’ve ever wanted to watch TV in one setting; plus, it’s the longest amount of time I’ve ever let you watch TV.

(My butt fell asleep half-way through, and when I said that out loud, it really confused you.)

The way I see it, it takes a good 90 minutes of learning about boats, helicopters, fire trucks, and monster trucks from Hard Hat Harry to make up for the 8 annoying minutes of Barney you watched this morning.

Assuming that other parents are also annoyed by some their children’s favorite TV shows, I presented this question on The Dadabase’s Facebook wall today:

“What kids’ TV shows and movies do your kids just love that really annoy you? My answer: Barney.”
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  • Waleska Torres Same here lol
  • Samantha Smith Kitchenman Caillou…there aren’t enough bad words to describe it! Abbey Grace has still never seen Barney because I will literally jump over the couch to turn the channel before it comes on!
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  • Amber Archbold Timmons Caillou drives me nuts too. His laugh is like nails on a chalk board.
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  • Alexa Wiviott Caillou. Ugh.
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  • Sarah Nee Dora the Explorer. Hate that show! My daughter would love it if she knew it existed.
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  • Jessi Jones I agree with Caillou, also Toopie and Binou
  • The Dadabase Now I’m curious what Caillou is…
  • Samantha Smith Kitchenman Caillou is an innocent looking 3-4 year old (depends which season you are watching) who has no hair. At first you watch the show and think, this is sweet and cute. It has cute songs and a good family dynamic: married parents, he has a younger sister, a cat, good neighbors, and grandparents live nearby. You can watch it a few dozen times off and on and still think it’s sweet and cute but then you learn the evils of it. Caillou is a constant whiner. And I do mean constant. This is one area that I didn’t think about when my 1 year old was just starting to like it. As she grew to a 18 month old-20 month old, she thought, “Hmmm…maybe I should cry like Caillou and I’ll get my way!” There are certain episodes that we can’t watch because she mimics his whining as if she is up for an Oscar! We still watch it from time to time and sadly, I know all the episodes so I can screen them for the least whiney ones. And for some reason the cartoon doesn’t feel the whole screen and personally, that annoys me! She has the doll and the books and they are much better than the silly cartoon. The doll doesn’t talk and we give Caillou his voice so he is much less whiney when we read
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  • Becky Uthe Max and Ruby and WordWorld
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  • Amber Archbold Timmons I agree with Max and Ruby also. Ruby is so bossy it drives me nuts. And where are their parents?! The only adult figure I’ve seen in their lives is their grandma that stops by on occasion!
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  • Amber Archbold Timmons My daughter is now 4 years old. I really like Ruby Gloom right now. It doesn’t get on my nerves and I actually like the cartoon. I think it is for slightly older kids than my DD but she is into that kind of stuff and Scooby Doo as well.
  • Christina Gorski Sid the Science Kid.
  • Julia Harvey I hate Wubbzy, yo gabba gabba, and Dora. I used to hate Diego too, but my son loves it so he’s broken me down. Max and Ruby is annoying and I’ve often wondered about their parents also. I like the Bubble Guppies which is my sons favorite. Catchy songs and fun stories. We also watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, of course, which isn’t that bad.
  • Evelyn Garza My son loves chuck and gabba. I really like yo gabba Yo Gabba Gabba. As far as disliking, probably max and ruby because max literally says one word the whole episode.
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  • Amy H Gerwig Yo gabba gabba!
  • Jericho Williams Dora the Explorer


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