The Amazing Photo of Alicia Atkins’ Baby Reaching From the Womb

2 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

In the age of the Internet, there have been some awesome, yet possibly fake, pictures of yet unborn babies reaching from the womb, holding onto the doctor’s hands.

Well, here’s one that is definitely real:

Nevaeh Atkins

This black and white picture features the tiny hand of Nevaeh Atkins, in the midst of being born into this world, via C-section.

As the picture is currently going viral, it makes me wonder what people are thinking as they see it for the first time.

It makes me think of what was going through my head when Mommy was only 21 weeks pregnant with you. Here’s what I wrote about you during that time:

“And as real as this is, that our son is actually inside there, so lively, it’s still ingrained in my brain somehow Baby Jack is light years away, floating around in a heavenly baby universe until November. Despite feeling him with my own hand, with just centimeters separating the skin of my hand and the skin of his body, despite him literally being a matter of a few feet away (or less, depending on how near I am to my wife), I’m having trouble grasping that in reality, he’s right there.”

This picture is obviously worth a thousand words; so simple and universal, yet still nearly too difficult to capture in words.

Just off the cuff, though, my initial thought is about how helpless a newborn is; grasping desperately for comfort, strength, and guidance. Likewise, when you were born, I also was grasping desperately for those same things.

It’s as if when you were born, I felt like I was automatically supposed to know what to do with you. I see now how impractical it was to think that at the time.

No matter how many books, blogs, and relevant conversations I exposed myself to in an attempt to prepare myself to be your dad, none of it really came close.

Probably the most realistic image to symbolize the moment you were born is if your hand would have popped out of the womb and we nervously shook hands, in agreement that we’re both really new at this. We would then half-jokingly wish each other good luck.

Here we are, over 2 years into this and I’m still trying my best to give you comfort, strength, and guidance in this world. That will never change.


Photo credit: Randy Atkins / A Classic Pin-Up Photography

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