Dad Recognizes His Son’s Kinesthetic/Visual Learning Style For Pottying

2 years.

Dear Jack,

I always do a courtesy announcement whenever I’m about to go potty, because usually you rush to the occasion of being able to carefully observe how to stand in front of the toilet.

You’ll run over from the other room with metal trains in hand and shut the door behind us, leaving Mommy out of the show.

It’s a process you treat with respect. You never try to drop your train in the toilet. You don’t really even speak, except sometimes to say, “Daddy’s all done,” as you reach for the flusher.

Tonight though, you surprised me. As soon as you joined me in the restroom, you informed me: “I go potty too.”

So Mommy ran upstairs and grabbed your training potty so you and me could go at the same time. This happened in our downstairs half-bathroom, where the only place to put your potty was behind me.

It was quickly positioned in a way that made you choose between facing and watching me or facing the opposite direction and standing in front of your potty.

Well, you sort of chose both.

You faced and watched me, while standing and peeing directly on the floor, about a half an inch from my foot.

Mommy and I were actually proud just to see you acknowledge that you had to pee and attempt to go in the potty.

I just need to figure out a way to set up your training potty right next to mine so we can go side by side. Evidently that’s the way I teach you a lot of things, from playing cars to drawing to shouting “Oh no, crash!” at the TV while watching Thomas & Friends on Netflix.

Granted, I see a lot of things going wrong with the idea of potty-training you side by side with me, but if you’re so passionate about learning to pee standing up by doing so while watching Daddy do it, then I want to support your kinesthetic/visual learning style.

I’ll have to see what I can work out…




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